How this entrepreneur became a queen at weddings

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How this entrepreneur became a queen at weddings
How this entrepreneur became a queen at weddings

Martha Helen Kostyra, With full name, she was born on August 3, 1941 in New Jersey. Better known as Martha Stewart, was an important figure for women around the world thanks to his decoration brand and tips for at home. But after she lost everything, she reappeared and is currently considered the queen of weddings.


She grew up in an upper middle class house. She loved languages ​​because she learned French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, among others. She also studied art history and had a short career as a model. However, none of this would shape his life.

She started with a gourmet grocery and then wrote several books on how to be the “perfect host”. So she became known in the 1990s as the “goddess of home decoration”.


This was followed by TV shows and several brands of “good taste” products. She knew, like many others, that lifestyle was a good business, and she loved that her brand became a 360-degree product because it was magazines, direct sales in supermarkets, and then on the growing internet.

Fall from above

However, many say that everything that goes up must go down one day. Martha has been accused of misusing inside information after selling her stake in a biotech company. In 2005, she was sentenced to five months in prison and fined $ 195,000. In addition, she had to leave the management of her company Martha Living Omnimedia for five years.

After leaving prison, he organized a return to the media-conscious public. She is still very dynamic and passionate about her business and is developing. She appears on television shows like she did alongside Snoop Dog. Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Partybroadcast by the VH1 chain in the northern country. Not only do they appear together on the screen, they also consider themselves good friends.


But he wasn’t satisfied with it, he even came back with one Reality show, The newcomer, formerly headed by the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Hollywood inspiration

The scandal and media coverage were so great that after several years of entering the bars, the producers of Orange is the new black from Netflix, were inspired to create the character of Judy King, ein season three. A famous cook and television personality who went to prison for tax evasion. The similarity is undeniable, but it has not published a comment for the series.

Image: Orange is the new black over Netflix

The vision of the future

In 2015, the businesswoman sold Omnimedia to Sequential Brands for the modest amount of $ 353 million, the BBC reported at that time. But even with the purchase, she remained a major shareholder as “Creative Manager”.

Stewart is undefeated and continues to innovate in the business world. Together with his friend Snoop Dogg, he dealt with real estate, cruises and even a cannabis product line in 2019. But Martha Stewart Weddings, one of the best wedding magazines in the USA, remains his strength.


Today, the businesswoman is not on the billionaire list, but she is the author of various lifestyle books that still have tabloids and various social networks. On Pinterest she has more than 10 million monthly visits and more than 3 million followers on her personal Instagram account.

At almost 80 years old, Martha Stewart continues to propose and own the lifestyle world. Even though she’s not the magnate of the moment, she doesn’t stop working hard and being a role model for thousands of entrepreneurs. His current estimated net worth in 2019 is $ 300 million.

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