How their first dog inspired two brothers to start America’s fastest growing pet business

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Who are you and what is your business?

We are the serial entrepreneur brothers Christopher Yes Andrew Masantowhat are we going to do Petlab Co together. This is a direct customer business that sells pet nutritional supplements and is currently the fastest growing pet company in the United States (USA). And I’m the operational CEO of Petlab and Andrew currently advises and works in several companies of Blockchain In the USA.

How their first dog inspired two brothers to start America’s fastest growing pet business
How their first dog inspired two brothers to start America’s fastest growing pet business

Image: Petlab

What was your inspiration for this product?

We both grew up with a family dog ​​named Krystal who reached the remarkable age of 18. Dogs don’t usually live that long! As Krystal got older, the whole family worked hard to keep her healthy and comfortable: we changed her diet, bought her a stroller, gave her human-quality food, and more. Little at the time, we had no idea that dog supplements could help so much. That was the first aha moment.

What was your biggest challenge during the pandemic and what did you do to overcome it?

A big challenge was working remotely full-time for the first time. While Andrew lived in the United States and worked remotely on his projects Blockchain, The team of Petlab and I work extensively in the same UK office. When social distancing came about, that dynamic changed significantly. Working from home, I’ve found it very important to set strong goals and key outcomes (OKRs). We focus on motivating people to achieve certain results and being responsible for them rather than tasks. This enabled them to manage their time better and also to take on responsibility in an essentially completely autonomous environment.

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What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking for funding?

My first advice would be to take a close look at the company you are starting up and ask yourself, “Does this even need funding?” or “What’s the best way to start?” My second tip is, if you really need funding, focus on core elements of the business as you prepare for the surge, such as: B. Do you have a unique and defensible product, proven scalability, strong team, etc. Are you the things that make you attractive to investors? If you have the right building blocks, investors will be looking for you, not you.

What does the word “entrepreneur” mean to you?

An entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks to make a difference in the world. This “something” can be a lot, S. For example a vision to colonize Mars, to create a special Burning Man sculpture or even to found a non-profit organization. ial drive and skills are based on intelligent risk-taking, problem-solving, creativity, and execution, and these skills are not just related to the goal of creating wealth or money. Instead, an entrepreneur is anyone who can use those skills to create something great in the world.

Image: Andrew Masanto. Photo: USA.

What is something that many aspiring entrepreneurs believe they need and what they don’t really need?

Many aspiring business owners think they need to run all the time. However, being busy doesn’t mean you will become efficient. First of all, business owners should definitely “do” by default, but mostly because execution and iteration can lead to an effective strategy if it has not been fully identified and tested. However, the real trick for a business owner is to choose the right direction and strategy for the business and only then work with their employees to make them happen. This decision is critical to the company’s long-term results.

Is there a specific quote or saying that you use as personal motivation? Explain how it inspires you

Nullius in the wording“. It means “Don’t trust anyone’s word“This saying resonates because we try to always observe both the system and the assumptions in the system in order to take action that the crowd (or our competition) will not take. This opposing action / thinking leads to oversized results.

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