How should companies attending an online sales event for the first time prepare their logistics?

A lot is expected at e-commerce events. Both users and participating companies expect the maximum performance of the purchase process and subsequent delivery of the product. With that said, much of the responsibility for a good experience falls on the last mile. According to statistics, an online sales event can increase purchases by more than 200%, which is a major logistics challenge. How should companies joining such data prepare for the first time?

  • Constant communication: People today are demanding much more fluid communication, especially in online cases for which there are great expectations. Because of this, businesses need to take into account the high demand for information that users need about the items they are purchasing. According to Maximiliano Amor, CMO of SimpliRoute, four key questions need to be answered in order to keep users safe:

    • Was my purchase successful?
    • When is the shipment planned?
    • When should I expect my item to arrive on the specified date?
    • How can I tell if my order is on the way?

“All of these questions are part of a minimum amount that is required for companies selling online and with organized and immediate management of logistics information in the operational area,” added the executive.

How should companies attending an online sales event for the first time prepare their logistics?
How should companies attending an online sales event for the first time prepare their logistics?

Photo: Courtesy of SimpliRoute

  • Full availability: It is not enough just to be open to questions, you also need to have open and easily accessible channels of communication that allow buyers a hassle-free experience. At online sales events, it is recommended to strengthen the communication channels, as slumps can occur due to the high demand.
  • State of the art: Nowadays it is not necessary to spend large sums of money on infrastructure in order to improve a company’s logistics processes. The technology offers a wide range of solutions to suit different budgets and requirements. For example, SimpliRoute is designed so that anyone with a mobile phone can use the driver app and thus use artificial intelligence algorithms to improve the route. SimpliRoute software uses AI to model the information collected and processed by machine learning algorithms. They learn from each user’s use of the platform on the road. All this is summarized in an intelligent automation of the orders to be delivered, using the best routes and generating direct communication with the customer about the estimated delivery times, as well as with the operating area, in order to carry out a correct follow-up of all the logistics in addition, a user-friendly Platform for drivers are presented.

“The time saved in the administration of assigning a shipping route to each vehicle becomes invaluable in a company that is limited in time. Added to this are the savings in logistics costs that the platform achieves after optimizing the routes and selecting the best routes to avoid additional costs, ”adds Amor.

Both companies entering an online shopping event for the first time and companies that already have a history in the field should make communication a priority. Nowadays, customers are used to getting information about their purchases all the time. Communication must therefore take place even if no relevant information is to be provided. Saying nothing is also a form of communication that companies have no control over. “It is always better to have the communication,” concludes the CMO of SimpliRoute.

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