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How prepared are you to deal with a crisis?

March 22, 2020

Building a business, or starting an entrepreneurial project, is not easy, numerous variables must be considered for a solid development.

By Itzamara Sobrino *

# S19 of 2017 is a day that will be difficult to forget, it marked a watershed in the history of Mexicans, it not only made clear to us that unity and solidarity are part of our DNA; It also made us see the need to be prepared for any contingency, both companies and individuals, and showed us how technology is a key element to mitigate and facilitate solutions in emergency situations.

How prepared are you to deal with a crisis?How prepared are you to deal with a crisis?

Building a business, or starting an entrepreneurial project, is not easy, numerous variables must be considered for a solid development. Specifically, we must try to have a structured business plan, leaving nothing to chance and having everything under control. However, sometimes, it is impossible to control unforeseen events, whether caused by natural factors or by humans. In those moments, it is when we think about the problem that we would have saved ourselves by being cautious in order to attend to any contingency.

Where are all those documents that we always use? And now, where do we find them? How can we continue working if our offices are not suitable for it? And how can we recover our activity?

Those are just a few questions that may go through your head in times of crisis. Technology can save you in that situation, and also save your operation. In the business world two things are important to survive: a business continuity plan.

Having a business continuity plan is important so that a crisis does not end with all the efforts of a business. The BCP (Business Continuity Plan) is a master plan, and logistics, that helps organizations know how to recover and restore their functions partially or totally interrupted, after a disaster or an unwanted or unplanned interruption. The business continuity plan, in short, helps companies prepare for future incidents that may put their operations at risk in the short, medium and long term.

For its part, the power of the cloud is that, having everything hosted on virtual servers, something that not only avoids storage problems, but also security. It is true that not everyone trusts having their information in the cloud, their business documents, their day to day, but getting used to it means being able to work from anywhere in the world, in the same conditions as if you were in your usual office.

Imagine the problems you would have saved yourself, as well as the hours lost trying to recover a document, a computer, if from the start of your business you gave it the importance of technology and the power of the cloud. It is never too late to implement these tools, and even if they are not initially available, the important thing is to have them on the radar and trust that they will do what they have to do for you and your company.

These and many other things make technology a fundamental factor in the development of any business today. That is why the everis Foundation supports entrepreneurship through the “everis Mexico Award”, the second edition of which will reward the best entrepreneurship projects in 3 categories: industrial and energy technologies, digital economy and biotechnology and health. As a novelty, the runner-up will recognize those technological projects that help in the event of crises and catastrophes.

* Itzamara Sobrino, Head of Marketing Communications at everis México

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