How physical business can go online quickly

Switching to digital has become mandatory to adapt and survive.

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How physical business can go online quickly
How physical business can go online quickly

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Retailers had to make some important changes. Since all non-essential companies were asked to close, pedestrian traffic to retail stores practically disappeared. Even with staggered reopening, the importance of e-commerce functionality is clearer than ever.

Making the change online can be a significant accomplishment, especially with limited resources. Managing online orders, especially from transnational companies, uncovering supply chain mechanisms, digital marketing and dealing with customer concerns and questions is an important fit and learning curve. In any case, the pandemic has shown that companies of all kinds have to be flexible and ready for anything and in particular have to take the digital leap. Electronic business will be at the heart of the new normal. Follow these steps now to make up for lost sales and adapt to changing times.

1. Start with a user-friendly website


First things first: Just set up a website as soon as possible. Now is not the time to hire a developer who is slowly starting to build a perfect and complex e-commerce platform. Instead, opt for the simple. Websites like Shopify It’s easy to use and simple, and it takes a few hours to set it up yourself (or the most tech-savvy member of your team can try it out). Take photos of all of your physical products as well as possible and make sure the background is as simple and distraction-free as possible. Remember these photos are just placeholders. You will hire a photographer later (if necessary!).

Another option is to add your products to Amazon, which already has an existing infrastructure. Given the recent statistics that 40 percent of customers prefer to shop online to save time, now is the best time to open their own online store. Amazon can also be used as an attachment to your shop on-line. Regardless of which route you choose, you should spend time refining your sales copy so that customers who have never heard of you or your company can understand the benefits of your product.

2. Use the existing delivery infrastructure


An understandable concern is shipping and delivery. It can be an important task to pack and ship each order in accordance with the social distancing guidelines. Big retailers like Walmart They’ve hired deliverers (Walmart actually hired 50,000), and Amazon has started a hiring wave with the goal of 75,000 deliverers keeping pace with demand and adapting to change online.

Shipping companies also like UPS and FedEx They are still in operation. You can schedule pickups from your store or warehouse once or twice a week. The shipping schedules may be delayed at this time. Keep your customers up to date online about the expected waiting times and give them their shipping number as soon as possible. Fortunately, since everything is moving slower at the moment, you have more time in your learning curve to solve shipping orders the first time.

3. Use remote computers in different time zones to support clients


Todd Lamb, founder of the dietary supplement company, has avoided waiting for questions and phone calls from customers and kept the business going 24/7 PureLife Organicsrecommends “using remote computers in different time zones to process orders”. PureLife also had to quickly switch to the Internet, and Lamb says that using all of the existing logistics operations (such as shipping and distribution centers such as UPS) is the key to adapting quickly. In particular, hiring employees in time zones who can answer customer questions and concerns can increase customer satisfaction. 40 percent of customers say that faster response times would further improve the customer experience.

If you can, encourage team members across the country to handle shipping in their region. You must have your own product inventory, but this can reduce shipping times and costs. Example: If you are based in Sacramento but an order is placed in Pittsburgh, a team member living in New Jersey can handle the shipping process so that the customer receives his package faster and the cost of shipping to the company is less significant.

This rapid change requires that physical storage be highly adaptable. Pivoting is a key part of the business, and the fastest companies and businesses of all sizes can improve online moving for their bottom line. Let your previous customers know that they can now order online by placing a sign in their physical locations, sending emails and targeting social media. Once everything is ready, you can spend time learning digital marketing to expand your reach. First things first: complete the change and build the infrastructure to support your new online shop or digital presence.

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