How much will Bitcoin be worth in 10 years?

To make forecasts not the grateful. No one can know what will happen tomorrow. Remember in 2009, one financial journal, conducted an experiment – monkey random procedure gathered the portfolio of Russian stocks (chose a number of cubes – where each denotes a particular promotion for investment), the growth of these shares for one year exceeded the results of many professional managers.

Besides monkeys you can use the other “reliable” people’s tools crystal ball gazing, TAROT cards, fortune tellers or visit the technical analysis of charts.

But we will try to do this analysis on the basis of the fundamental reasons for the possible changes in the value of Bitcoin and common sense.

How much will Bitcoin be worth in 10 years?
How much will Bitcoin be worth in 10 years?

To begin to answer, what is bitcoin?

As the founder of the cryptocurrency and blockchainbitcoin has gathered all the laurels… If you open any cryptocurrencyexchange, search the Internet for “what is cryptocurrency” or in the case of urgent need to issue a debit card with the expectation of cryptocurrency, we can clearly conclude that bitcoin is KING of CRYPTO. He’s like the dollar Fiat currency. Open the website where you can see the total value (capitalization) of all cryptocurrencies and see that 16 billion from $ 19 billion. the total value of cryptocurrencies (84%) is bitcoin. Ie summing up – it is the dominant cryptocurrency, and the only serious contender for large paymentstransactions in this area (using another cryptocurrency just physically not miss a lump sum of 100 million or more, such as the capitalization of other currencies no. And themselves such large operations will significantly increase the volatility of other currencies, i.e. to reduce interest). Total bitcoin does just no serious competition due to the lack of large Capitalizati other currencies and the difference only increases.

What part is the bitcoin in total worldmoney supply?

The total value of all banknotes and coins in the world (money supply M0) is approximately 5 trillion dollars. Ie bitcoin this cost is 0.3% (16 / 5000). But it is more correct to compare the bitcoin not only cash, but to include more money under deposits (i.e., money supply M1), and this is 25 trillion dollars, bitcoin this cost is approximately 0,064%. In section 100 of the largest transcri over the last 50,000 transactions on the it is seen that only a single operation is 300 BTC, all others are multiples less.

What does this all mean? Not funny about the value of cryptocurrencies in real life, no! And about the mad potential of growth of capitalization of the cryptocurrencies.

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