How is the pandemic digitization customer service?

Companies must take advantage of this crisis and use it as an opportunity to enter the digital world.

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How is the pandemic digitization customer service?
How is the pandemic digitization customer service?

  • Through chatbots to meet call demand
  • Cloud technology for remote work
  • Communication via digital channels.

The pandemic we are experiencing has become a turning point for businesses and consumers in the world. Staying at home has transformed the way people shop and interact with businesses.

According to Zendesk, a customer service software developer, WhatsApp usage as a customer service channel has increased 148% globally since late February.

“Businesses need to seize this crisis and embrace it as an opportunity to enter the digital world and stay competitive, especially in customer service as there is a high demand for inquiries,” says Gustavo ParĂ©s, CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs, an on artificial one Intelligence (AI) company. “So they need to use digital tools like chatbots that can meet this high demand without compromising the quality of their service,” he adds.

Technology is a key element in developing a customer service strategy that increases customer engagement, information fluidity, and agent training. Therefore, the commitment to digital channels must be firm and immediate, as well as the introduction of tools like chatbots without losing focus on the humanization of brands.

With that in mind, the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of customer service, which, according to NDS Cognitive Labs, is reflected in the following services:

Chatbots to meet call demand


Isolation and the fear of catching COVID-19 have resulted in online shopping increasing dramatically. In Mexico alone, the change in consumer habits is likely to boost the e-commerce sector by 60% by the end of this year, according to the IDC company. Therefore, the number of online inquiries, support calls and the resolution of complaints will also increase sharply.

Hence, corporate customer service centers use chatbots to meet demand for inquiries as they can solve the most common questions consumers have, or even solve problems with the products / services they buy for the customers. So human managers can be left free to solve more complex tasks.

Cloud technology for remote work

After the pandemic, many companies had to work from home and implement remote working, which resulted in them using cloud-based solutions. This has been a huge benefit for various companies as the cloud can instantly deliver an application or service to all employees with a single click.

This has made it possible for company employees to carry out their normal work-related tasks from home and have access to information at all times.

Communication via digital channels

Photo: Jakub Porzycki / NurPhoto / Getty Images via Engadget

Because of isolation, customers want their shopping experience to be as satisfying as they are when visiting a physical store. They also expect multi-channel attention: either via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, website, mobile application, etc.

According to Zendesk, 67% of online consumers have made multi-channel purchases in the past six months, which has led to an increase in the use of digital media to connect customers with businesses.

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