How I Managed to Afford to Invest in Bitcoin and Stocks with a Part-Time Gig

I’m shocked how much I was able to set aside into both Crypto and Stocks. I manage to pull in about $2k a month, rent and utilities amount to around $700 a month.

The drains on my income are (n order of least draining to most) cigarettes, booze, and eating meals at the plethora of bars in this food service rich city of Richmond, Virginia.

I’m a dummy and haven’t quit smoking. It’s tempting and makes for a great “How I managed to build a nest egg story.” Alas, I still smoke these damn things like a tweaker in rehab. Of the three this is the best one to invest with recklessly; you’re literally lighting the shit you bought on fire, poof, money’s gone, baby. I like hearing about people quoting cold turkey and shoveling what they were spending on cigs a week/month going towards crypto, savings, or stocks. I’ve mentioned drug use in previous posts; however, I very seldom actually spend money on it and luckily, or unluckily, the stuff is around all the time, less, as a matter of fact, that I’m not sitting in the fucking bar with a bunch of crazed animals.

How I Managed to Afford to Invest in Bitcoin and Stocks with a Part-Time Gig
How I Managed to Afford to Invest in Bitcoin and Stocks with a Part-Time Gig

Booze and eating out have been married for the past year. I used to be a rather disciplined grocery buyer and cooked at home. Working in food service, I can nearly scrape by on intercepting food before it goes in the trash. I’ve been eating a lot more ramen, rice, and microwaved baked potatoes lately. It’s not pretty, I’m fucking lazy. I’m eating an unseasoned microwaved baked potato like an apple right now.

I’m losing steam.

Anyway. I downloaded Robinhood the a couple months ago. Here’s a referral link if you are interested: there goes my identity… fuck. “ryanb” is a pseudonym for Monty Cantsin, duh. So, I set Robinhood up a couple months ago and bought up a handful of this and that, some solid picks, some total shit, but, by the end of the month I’d dumped about 900 into it which resulted in my immediate change of spending money all over town like a lunatic. Early November I went with coinbase and did roughly the same in about a month.

I’ve in the red overall on the stock market by about 20 bucks. I’m somewhere approaching or have exceeded the doubling point with crypto; with LTC and ETH really kicking ass despite my not having put as much into those versus BTC.

It’s been tempting to liquidate all the stocks and dump into crypto, but, I’m stubborn with the stocks. Maybe if I wasn’t 20 dollars down, I’d have dumped it all into BTC, but, not likely. The dead have the best portfolios, I think I’m just going to pump 50–300 bucks from time to time and just let that shit sit. This insane bull may crash to shit next year, but, I’ll just up my purchasing if that happens; I’m hoping to keep at this for decades, cash out from time to time as I see fit, but, for the most part, continue to put more money into it. To hell with a savings account. If the next big crash happens, it’s just about hoping I live long enough for it to recover, I guess. Right now it’s chump change, so, it’s easy for me to not give a fuck. I own 1 or two stocks of this and that, spread all over the fucking place. My most recent purchase was WSKY, fuck yeah. That CEO was on Bloomberg today. He looks like he’s had a substantial diet of meth, strippers, and whiskey throughout his twenties. Bet the holiday party this year will be fucking crazy. They’ve done well. I bought one share.

As for the Crypto, I’m planning to keep throwing bits at it as I can afford to and have managed to do well with coinbase and buying little bits of whatever seems to be the most stable after a harsh day of the red.

When the hell will I pull out? Fuck… I’ve never been good at pulling out. Where I see points of real consideration are when say, I can completely clear out what’s a rather easy to chip away at debt between credit cards and personal loans. I don’t see myself pulling out when I’ve got more than enough to just erase all my debt; I’m confidant that I can manage that as is, and with a little more expense discipline speed the process up.

I don’t have a car. I’m riding a motorcycle every day, yes, below freezing outside and I’m riding to work. I for sure need something with four wheels. So, if I’m looking at my ledger and coinbase accounts and I have enough of the in the green cream to scrape off the top to buy a reliable used car… that’s going to be a moment that I’m likely to pull some out. If I do and then BTC and pals see more insane climbs, I’m gonna eat myself up slightly about it, but, what the fuck, I didn’t dump it all out to by an excessive sports car, I took car of myself, but something modest, hopefully reliable, and don’t fucking freeze my ass off in the winter in.

HOWEVER, by the time I’m that much in the green the weather will be warm… come this time next year and this crypto shit is still pumping to fucking mars, I’m probably gonna exchange some for a car that I can buy outright and afford the extra insurance/maintenance.

By then it all could be worth nothing… fuck it. who the hell knows.

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