How I Made $4,400 in Just Over a Week Investing in Crypto

So How Did I Do It?

About a week and a half ago my excitement for Bitcoin was renewed after seeing the cryptocurrency go well over the $17,000 pricepoint. Being fairly new to the cryptocurrencyspace, I was eager to learn how I could take advantage of this up and coming market. I wasn’t as interested in Bitcoin as I was the thousands of other cryptocurrencies (alt coins) begin traded on the major exchanges.

I started doing some research and following varioussocial media and video channels, including YouTube and Steemit. I started to learn about the various emerging technologies being developed on blockchains and the coins associated with them. For me, I was mostly looking to find the upside of these coins so that I could buy in as an investment. But I was amazed to learn how many different utilities (or technologies) these coins had. It became apparent to me I wasn’t just investing in a currency; I was investing in the value of the technology.

How I Made $4,400 in Just Over a Week Investing in Crypto
How I Made $4,400 in Just Over a Week Investing in Crypto

I fell in love with several coins for their technology, applications and utilities. Some focus on anonymity while some have set out with the goal of lower transaction fees and speed. One of the coins I invested in even has plans to be used in the bankingsector.

But how did I figure out all of this in such a short period of time? It would take weeks to research just the 16 coins I invested in.

I could probably give credit for my success to many different social media channels out there, but the two that come to mind are Altcoin Buzz on YouTube (who I’ve been trying to get to create a channel here, hint hint) and fellow Steemian @LouisThomas who is a long-timecryptocurrency investor. Both are great channels that are completely Hype-Free, meaning they aren’t trying to push their agenda down your throat. They just share their love of cryptocurrency with the community that’s been built around this new space.

The best part about following channels like this is they will do most of the work for you. They eat, sleep, and breathe crypto. So instead of me spending days investigating a cryptocurrency, they do all of the technical analysis, read all of the news, and even know what the CEO and Teams around the currency are doing. Now of course they can’t know everything about every coin. And I certainly would do your own research about each coin before you decide to invest in it. But so far their research has paid off for me BIG TIME!

Are You Too Late?

Heck no! We’re just getting warmed up. And new coins and ICOs are being added to the market every single week. I would recommend to go ahead and follow these guys. But ALWAYS do your own due diligence and research before you decide to invest in a cryptocurrency. One great thing about Altcoin Buzz is that he will let you know when NOT to invest in a coin. Plus, he shares price predictions based on technology, market cap and currency circulation. To say I’ve learned a lot from Jeff at Altcoin Buzz is a massive understatement.

I hope this will help to encourage some of you to look into this space and perhaps even fall in love like I have with the emerging technologies. A massive shift in both wealth and technology is taking place and I look forward to what the future holds for us!

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