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How fashion will change after the pandemic

June 11, 2020

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How fashion will change after the pandemic
How fashion will change after the pandemic

With our limitation Consumption habits they had to change by force. Between assessing which objects do it and which we don’t consider necessary for everyday lifeFashion was no exception and has to rethink many of its processes. From the catwalks to the purchase of the end product in the store.

There is no denying that the fashion industry has to change as it is naturally one of the first to historically develop faster.

Since it was said that the impact of social distance due to the outbreak of SARSCov2 coronavirus responsible for Covid 19 disease is similar to the disorder that occurred during World War II in the 1940s, let’s see how this happens At that moment the glamor was gone and people had to adjust. The available fabrics were used to make parachutes and clothing for armies. Women in particular had to bow down to sober tones and simple cuts. In addition to normalizing the use of pants and overalls as they are included in the workplace.

Image: Imperial War Museum

Comfortable clothes for quarantine

The Outfits They are an important part of the personal image or were before the pandemic. In the same way that extreme circumstances changed the fashion of the 1940s, The current trend is towards comfortable and even sporty clothing, both to work at home and to go out. The following two functions: that of well-being and that of practicality.

Years ago, very few people could imagine going outside in their pajama pants unless they went to the corner shop for a weekend. Today this is the most normal thing in the world.


Monkeys from head to toe are already a reality. And think about it, it’s the most practical clothing for a day’s shopping because it’s easy to put on and the most important thing in a global pandemic is to remove and disinfect it. You just come home and instead of taking off garment by garment, just slide a zipper, put your clothes away and disinfect yourself. So easy, so easy.

We have already launched several examples, including special suits for air travel and executive pajamas.

On the other hand, loose and spring clothes (yes spring) are very useful for the general population. In quarantine, many gain weight, so investing in a “traditional” wardrobe is not a good idea, especially given that, in addition to the pandemic, we are experiencing a deep economic recession, the experts are already calling you the Great Encierro (to draw parallels to the Great Depression).

Image: Depositphotos

What will fashion look like in this “New Normal”?


The fashion adapts to the consumption patterns and not only the clothes change, but also the color palette. In the network, the trend experts point out that when trying to make it more functional, the predominant colors are minimalistic. For example beige, white, gray and black. This is to get the desired Zen wardrobe and combine it easily.

The fast fashion

This industry was one of the most affected by the pandemic. According to a GlobalData report, the sale will result in losses of approximately $ 549 billion. According to the US Census Bureau, the largest decline was in clothing and accessories. An example of this is Inditex, which just lost 3,303 million euros in just three months and had to rethink the business model that had worked for them for years. However, the upcoming opening of these stores brings with it other challenges: Generation Z.

Image: Depositphotos

With the restriction, the consumption rate of new clothing decreased as expected, and another trend emerged, namely the reuse of clothing. This is for two reasons: not going out and saving for basic needs.

Now you want to invest in products that last longer and are not disposable. Some brands have already recognized this and abandoned the concept of the seasons, which had to be somewhat “fashionable” depending on the season.

For example, Gucci has already announced plans to reduce the number of shows and collections for the year. The cruise or off-season capsules and the gender distinction on the catwalks are not on the menu. In this way, the brand addresses the needs and demands of this new generation.

“I want to leave the cruise, pre-autumn, spring-summer and gold-winter season behind me. They are stale and malnourished words. Clothing should have a longer life than these words, ”said Alessandro Michele, creative director on his Instagram account.

Image: Depositphotos

Protecting health and the environment is a priority

We saw in the narrowness how nature takes up the spaces that were taken from it. From bears on the street to marine animals enjoying the beaches and oceans.

The fashion industry and the fast fashionwere among the most criticized environmental damage due to the chemicals used in the manufacture of clothing and even the use of animal skins.

Image: Depositphotos

Now more and more people are joining the initiative to recycle their “old” or vintage garments to make them objects of desire again and to download all the creativity that we may have suppressed.

The retail giants are also joining this trend. Walmart, for example, has a new partnership with thredUP, an e-commerce platform specializing in used clothing.

The garments will also look for quality rather than quantity. In Mexico, the Morera Grosso brand is characterized by the production of personalized and lifelong shirts. Something that many will surely imitate.

Maybe we want to end the pandemic to get better and become “fashionistas” again, but for now Comfortable, sporty, oversized and sexless style will be the big bet of the brands. And as far as consumers are concerned, we will rethink or what is expected, what, how and when we buy. They strive for quality over quantity and for practicality.


The “New Normal” will bring about global changes that we are already experiencing. Now the face mask is not just a protective item, but has become a necessity and is part of our daily looks, leaving out lipstick or even makeup. Both luxury and independent brands are increasingly introducing new models and styles for every occasion.

The transition is inevitable, minimal, until a cure for the virus that is turning the world upside down exists and is available.

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