How do you want your next car to be?

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How do you want your next car to be?
How do you want your next car to be?

In mid-November, I worked with one of my clients to define how we would like to get a new project up and running and generate the expected revenue. Then we started to discuss:

– Victor, we have to attack the market quickly. I already have the solution. Now I have to turn to the customers. We need to invest in marketing and start selling in the US, Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

– No Carlos, I disagree, I think we are not ready to make that jump. What suits us is to have a better understanding of the client’s needs, and once we get them very clear, we jump.

– But Victor, but what you say doesn’t make sense, we already understand the needs, they need it to be good, nice and cheap.

– Personally, I think we can dig deeper and better understand what they need.

– Well, I disagree, I think we should throw everything.

And we couldn’t move forward until I stopped and asked him:

How do you want your next car to be?

What are you talking about, Victor?

Let’s take a break to get a little out of the discussion and answer me: How do you want your next car to be?

Well, I don’t know of any car that drives, that spends little, or what to tell you.

Yes, just imagine, I’m the chief designer for Ford, Tesla, Toyota and I want to build your next car. You have to let me know all the details because I believe the car you choose will be a worldwide success. So tell me everything that comes to mind.

To which Carlos replied:

Well I want:

  • Make a truck big, preferably
  • That consumes little gasoline
  • Make it modern
  • Make it new
  • I like that
  • Make it economical
  • Give me a picture
  • Do it automatically
  • This maintenance is cheap
  • Let it be colored x

– Anything else Carlos?

– No, I think so.

I’ve been doing this exercise for at least 10 years and the answers are very similar, they could be almost predictable, some people prefer some traits, others prefer others, but without hesitation all people answer very similarly to Carlos.

If I were actually the chief designer of one of those companies and asked people like Carlos what they wanted, they’d give me a list of how Carlos made them.

And then you could say: That’s what the market wants! You have to make a car like this.

It is not true?

Are you really sure?

After Carlos told me everything he wanted, I had the following conversation and his face started to transform:

– OK Carlos, with the answers you gave me, I can already know what your next car should be, but I have this question:

So you do not want …
… Could your next car fly to stop the traffic for you? Nowhere did you say you wanted a flying car.

… could you change the color with the push of a button? So if one day you want your car to match the color of your dress, all you have to do is press the button of the specified color. You also didn’t mention it in any of your replies.

… It was like “Transformer” today, you might want it to be 2 (seated) passengers, but if you need to take your friends or kids to a ranch, you can do it like an SUV (literally of the word) make it bigger without fighting?

… will it be filled with only 10 pesos and the tank will last a month?

… was it the last you bought and it would take forever but could change shape by programming it to look like it’s always premiering?

… No matter how hard you crash, nothing happens to you or you? Don’t you want that

And none of those things you asked me when I asked you what your next car should be. So you don’t want her, do you?

– But of course I love her! How do you think I don’t want a flying car? Carlos answered me.

– But you didn’t tell me! and I specifically asked you to tell me as many details as you could give me so that I can design your next car. I asked you what you want and you told me!

– Yes, but I didn’t know you could do all of this

100% of the people I do the exercise for end up telling me that they want the “new” things that I just mentioned.

But why?

If I had asked her clearly! How do you want your next car to be? And they answered me so new, so black, so Mercedes, so quickly, and / or so automatically.

Why does it now turn out that they also want their car to fly?
And before?
Didn’t they want or what?
Are people very copycats?

Go donkey and you feel like going on the trip!

No it is not.

We, you, me and the person next to you are used to thinking within our own paradigms, our own models, our own possibilities.

And these paradigms, your paradigms determine what is possible or not, and your vendors are based on your answers, which in turn are based on those paradigms, in other words, your vendors also rely on these paradigms to offer you “solutions”.

These companies that REALLY UNDERSTAND Your customers and their problems have the opportunity to skip these paradigms and offer you a real solution that didn’t cross your mind because you thought it wasn’t possible.

A company that UNDERSTAND For your customers is a successful company. Think of it like many companies YOU UNDERSTAND YOU?

With this article I want to show that I should ask how I should serve you, what I should sell and how you rate our service. These are not enough questions UNDERSTAND to the prospect or customer.

Well, the answers would be like the beginning, big, white, cheap, pretty, and while we can all agree that these are features we want in our next car, we can also agree that those are Color for our next car no longer matters when our next car flies. so much.

Focus on really putting yourself in your customer’s shoes UNDERSTAND their problems of offering them solutions that they probably didn’t even know what were out there.

Imagine your job was to write the novel: “A Week in the Life of My Client”

A supplier who understands you so well that he becomes your accomplice, your partner, even if it is a little more expensive, keep it because your other suppliers don’t care about you, they care about themselves, they are only in it interested in selling you Your partner is interested in you being okay, right?

What kind of provider are you?

Before the invention of the automobile, if we had asked people how they would like their mode of transport, they would have said a cart with lots of horses.

How lucky we are that there was a madman who invented the car without caring that it wasn’t a car with many horses.

And remember how Sam Walton said: ‚ÄúThere is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire anyone in the company, from the president down, just by spending his money elsewhere. “

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