How do you play this new NFT game?

A game in beta development

Before I start I have to be clear: This game is in active beta development so many of its features have not even been implemented or are only in the testing phase. However, keep in mind that investing in this game comes with additional risks that are usually already there for these type of platforms.

After this point was clarified, I found several errors while writing this article, such as: B. that I could not log into the DApp system. Basically made it impossible to access the platform to test it first hand and see how it works.

How do you play this new NFT game?
How do you play this new NFT game?

This situation was repeated even after changing DNS and using VPN in different locations (to verify that it wasn’t a specific location problem).. For example, when I did a little more research on this new game, I was able to confirm that The dashboard is a feature that is still under development, as is the monster battle system, which they clarify in their whitepaper.

Nevertheless, The same whitepaper explains some of the mechanisms already implemented, including:

Start and monster dynamics

My DeFi Pet’s gameplay is similar to that of Axie Infinity or games like Pokemon. If anything, start the game by purchasing an egg or adult monster that you can quickly drag into battle. That is, when you create an egg, you create a monster with unique properties, such as:

  1. colour
  2. profile
  3. Guy
  4. aura
  5. mutation
  6. rarity
  7. Levels of HP, MANA, ATK, DEF, INT, CRIT, among others.

As in Axie Infinity, you can reproduce your monsters to create new generations who mix their parents’ genes to create a monster with unique traits. These monsters can be put on the marketplace to receive DPET tokens that you can freely use.

The monsters also have an evolutionary system that allows access to new levels of their skills and strengthens them. The evolutionary advancement is determined by the experience gained during your monster’s battles. The greater the number of fights, the faster the evolution will be.

Seasonal rewards

Seasons are special events that offer players special rewards. The first season starts with a prize money of 100,000 USDT, which is concluded by the team of DPETs in a smart contract. The amount can be claimed by finding the NFTs with the exact specifications stipulated in the contract and presenting them to the contract for the reward to be claimed. The specific requirements are decided after the introduction of this functionality, for which you need to know the medium of the developer. Basically, the award requires 10 legendary pets of the highest level.

KardiaChain cross-chain technology in My DeFi Pet

As mentioned at the beginning, My DeFi Pet is a game developed on KardiaChain technology that can be used to create cross-chain environments compatible with Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. This is made possible by KardiaChain’s non-invasive interoperability technology, which enables all of these chains to connect to create a unified Dapps ecosystem.

Currently, KardiaChain is able to connect to Binance Smart Chain, which we can see in the My DeFi Pet interface where we have the option to connect only through these two networks. However, to get a clearer picture of the support, the following picture shows the current level of integration of this technology.

In order for KardiaChain to be able to successfully connect all of these networks together, it means that My DeFi Pet will be able to unite the potential of all these blockchains in the same room. Nevertheless, These features are still in active development and there is no clear date when they will be completed.

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