How do I make an appointment, requirements and how much does it cost?

Verification centers in the capital were closed on March 25 due to restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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How do I make an appointment, requirements and how much does it cost?
How do I make an appointment, requirements and how much does it cost?

The government of Mexico City announced this The vehicle inspection will restart on August 10th For motor vehicles that did not receive a certificate of proof in the first quarter of the year.

Verification centers in the capital closed on March 25th for containment measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Between January and March 24 more than 506 thousand 536 vehicles in the capital Verificentros and it is estimated that 868 thousand inspections will be carried out the rest of the year according to the city government.

How do I make the appointment?

  • You must go to the CDMX’s Verificentros page to find the page that is closest to your home.
  • Click on “Appointment here”
  • Write down your car’s data
  • See the requirements
  • Click on “Register appointment”
  • You will receive a confirmation email

You should only check the transports that have not received their mandatory vehicle inspection certificate in the first two months of the year. Those who need to verify must make an appointment on the Verificentros side of Mexico City pay 551 pesos.

Vehicle inspection calendar from Mexico City

Vehicle sticker color on CDMX

Last digit of the circulation plate

Second semester 2020


7 or 8

August September


3 or 4

September October


1 or 2

October November


9 or 0

November December

Vehicles with license plate finishing in 5 or 6 (yellow rubber), which were verified before the contingency of Covid-19, do not have to be verified again.

Hygiene measures at verificentros

The city’s environment ministry has announced measures to be taken at the verificentros to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • After reopening, verification center staff must complete and pass the IMSS training course, Recommendations for a Safe Return to Work Before COVID-19.
  • Health center at the entrance to the verification centers for workers and users, where the temperature is measured and disinfectant gel is given to applicants.
  • Review appointments are limited to a maximum of 4 per hour and review line.
  • The waiting and result delivery areas of the verification centers are equipped with the necessary signs and devices to prevent infections.
  • Employees and users of the center should wear face masks and employees with the greatest contact with users who wear masks and gloves.

Only one person can access the vehicle to request service.

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