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How do I learn English quickly and easily from home?

May 20, 2020

Here we explain the tricks to learn English online. This will be useful in your business life.

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How do I learn English quickly and easily from home?
How do I learn English quickly and easily from home?

English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world and it is also considered one of the easier to learn languages. If we are looking for a job or want to broaden the horizon of our business, knowledge of the English language is a feature that opens more doors to achieve these goals.

Learning English helps with professional success. Today, since we are in custody, this can be a productive activity that will help you expand your business and even reinvent it.

Berlitz, a company specializing in language teaching, explains that “more than a practice of collecting data and concepts, learn English, it’s about developing a skill. ”

This is why you need to practice it thoroughly, but when you are at home with your family, we understand that the question that keeps you busy all day is:How do I learn English quickly and easily from home?

To achieve this, the company with more than 140 years of experience in this segment has given us 5 Tips for learn English At home::

  1. Rate yourself and set a goal: Define a starting point to know if you are in the Basic knowledge of English or in a more advanced one and define which one you want to achieve according to your professional or personal plans. For this reason, it is very useful to have an international reference such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GER), an international scale that relates language levels to skills acquired.

  2. Plan and organize your time: Set a goal, set a curriculum that fits your daily or weekly schedule, and create your own work schedule. These three factors are freely selectable and form the central core for success in distance learning. Make sure you follow them. Only then can you achieve a sustainable progress curve and stay motivated.

  3. Reserve a seat and avoid distractions: Distributing yourself in numerous tasks is widespread in the networked world in which we live. It is therefore important that you have a place to study where you can abstract from the surroundings and concentrate on your tasks. We also recommend that you close all browser tabs that have nothing to do with what you are studying and activate the silent mode of the mobile phone.

  4. Take breaks and set limits: Nothing is better than knowing your own strengths and limits in order to achieve a good performance. The success of everything we explain depends directly on the commitment only if your limits allow it. So take a few hours to learn and always accompany them during their breaks.

  5. Learn to motivate yourself: It is normal that we sometimes feel discouraged due to different circumstances, without the desire to study and not very productive. Make sure you have tools on hand to boost your mood and motivate yourself at these times. Do something you love; Some of these are to control your thoughts, to get them to focus on your strengths and to lose fear of being wrong.

How do I choose the best online English course to study from home?

Traditional lessons and virtual lessons have practically the same components. The difference is how they adapt to the digital environment and how they use the Internet.

These components are curriculum, duration, interaction, monitoring and assessment. Let’s look at each one and how you should make sure that you choose the course that best develops it.

  • Class schedule: Virtual classes include a larger number of tools and resources such as images, websites, audios, games, etc. that can enrich the learning experience.

  • Duration: You are unlikely to be able to focus your attention over a long period of time in a virtual environment. Instead of extensive courses, we recommend planning more short sessions per week. Ideally, a maximum of one and a half hours per session.

  • Interaction: It can occur in two ways:

  1. Synchronous: When teacher and student connect at the same time and are in the same virtual room. To speak a language, this format is always recommended because you can practice with your teacher in real time

  2. Asynchronous: when teacher and student do not coincide. It can refer to this type of lesson, where the content is on a virtual portal and the teacher – if available – leaves questions for the students or assigns tasks and projects.

  • Traceability: This is the support that must be available to check progress and progress and to strengthen weaknesses. This can be done through emails or environments such as comment areas and rooms provided by the selected platform, or at the moment when a live teacher is available.

  • Evaluation: There are several ways to assess progress, from multiple choice questions to demonstrations of expertise. When learning English, it is ideal to combine the two, giving more importance to the student who demonstrates his oral skills.

Berlitz, the language school with more than 140 years on the market, offers those who are looking for learn English or other languages, Berlitz everywhere, Video conference sessions with a live teacher who personally controls student progress. This plan meets all the requirements to learn English quickly and easily at home.

Berlitz ‘famous learning method is now used in a virtual environment where the teacher teaches and corrects in real time. A very comfortable and practical method for those who want to learn without having to spend time traveling to a classroom. In addition, unlike the face-to-face version, the sessions are recorded so that the content can be checked and performance can be observed.

This could be the perfect opportunity for you to finally stop learning English. This is one of the most profitable, useful and beneficial decisions for your life and your business.

To find out more about this and other programs offered by Berlitz, visit the official site.