How do I apply in life? Doctor Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements at work

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

You may have heard of the book “The four agreements” or you’ve read it or seen sentences on social networks. In any case, you will find valuable recommendations for a better life in all areas: family, friends, relationships, work, abundance, health and well-being in general.

How do I apply in life? Doctor Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements at work
How do I apply in life? Doctor Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements at work

Miguel Angel Ruiz (1952) is a Mexican author, writer, and orator on spirituality texts and topics, influenced by another great writer and thinker, Peruvian anthropologist Carlos Castaneda (died 1998). His most influential work is The Four Agreements. They are based on what Ruiz transmits as Toltec wisdom, a pre-Columbian culture that ruled the northern Mexican highlands between the 10th and 12th centuries. The original edition was published in 1997 and has sold more than 4 million copies.

The value of the four agreements

It depends where you are looking at it. The four agreements are expressed very simply and at the same time very profoundly.

This double look enables the person seeking answers to some of their life dilemmas to find them in simple and pleasant language. and those who want to go deeper will find many levels to dive further.

What can the four agreements in the office be useful for? To communicate better, understand others, manage your emotions, practice mastering your impulses and achieve better levels of work excellence.

The four agreements are: be impeccable in your words; Don’t take anything personally; Do not guess or guess, and always do your best as best you can.


Words create states of consciousness; and these determine your thoughts, which in turn manifest in the results.

Beyond your language, culture and experiences, it is the language you use that shapes the way you represent the world. Your ideas, desires, goals, purposes; Your relationships, bonds and gifts. Everything manifests through the word.

As you know, they can create big dreams and benefits for humanity. or destroy fear, resentment, frustration, anger and malevolent opinions with your cargo. This means that the words are not innocent and full of meaning.

The word “flawlessness” means that you don’t do things that go against you. To be impeccable means to take your personal responsibility. Fulfill each of your commitments (starting with the ones you take on with yourself and then with the others). while channeling the gift of the word in a constructive and positive way.

For example, getting into gossip in meetings or on social media does not lead to positive results: on the contrary, you allow large amounts of your life energy to flow through what you say, write, and even when you think about ideas, words, that you put in.

What you think (and what you say, that is, what you explain) is what you become.

To enter the first agreement in the office: talk less and do more. Exceed your own expectations of fulfilling your obligations. Take care of your thoughts. Evaluate before speaking. 70% listen and only 30% speak. Try to be more specific in your language in order to adequately express all of your ideas. Avoid injuries and focus on fueling your interactions with others and creating value. Discard any aggressive communication in your life.


Most people assume that everything that happens is meant for them. for or against. There is no big problem with that: everything fits. The thing starts when people feel that whatever happens to them, the events of the world and their environment, are “against them”. “The world is against me,” they say to themselves.

Then can you imagine what happens? Sure enough: apparently the world is starting to shoot thick ammunition at this person.

However, it is people’s ego that creates anger, frustration, and great emotional distress when trying to fight against the world’s opinions and situations that can poison your life.

Every part of the ego wants to give you air of greater importance; Therefore, if you focus excessively on the opinion of others, you subconsciously create a certain reliance on the other’s approval (or not). That way, you will be trapped in the emotion that you yourself generated.

The feeling of being the center of the world is called by many names: selfishness, selfishness, arrogance. They are nuances of the same expression when you do this thinking that everything is about you.

When Miguel Ruiz says “Don’t take anything personally” in “The Four Covenants”, it means that this step is critical to feeling free, outside of the domestication of education, dogmas, and social and cultural conditioning that you drag in your life .

At this point, the point is not to accept everything without being shocked, but rather the problem arises when you give an entity to “what” the other party is saying or doing and let your emotions get out of whack.

For example, if you are not offended by anything, you are responding in generally inappropriate, even exaggerated, ways. This comes from wanting to be right rather than choosing to be happy.

In other words, every time you want to change someone’s mind or behavior, you get frustrated because you can hardly change yourself: it is impossible to change the other person if that other being doesn’t want to. In either case, it could change with the rate of evolution.

This second agreement is the one that causes a lot of the suffering in life as you are generally too vulnerable to anything they say or do around you. Now you know that if you take a wider perspective on situations and problems – even those that affect you directly – you will not be able to become emotionally addicted to respecting the positions of others (not necessarily justifying them, although you can fully understand them) different and inclusive perspective for your wellbeing From this place you radiate the same around you.

How to integrate this second agreement into your work environment: Learn from the differences with others; integrates and respects the decisions of others. Understand that the other is “another” with their own problems, beliefs, and difficulties. If something is bothering you, find the appropriate space and be clear about it from your point of view (take over your communication without blaming others). Don’t try to impose your desires on the opinions of others. In any situation, always consider the greatest good of all. Avoid Living on the Ego: Learn compassion, humility, conscious listening, and openness for better experiences. This will help you have more peace in all aspects.


Another source of internal discomfort, extreme emotionality, destruction of your self-esteem and worth, and deterioration in your personal power is life when you make assumptions.

How many times have you spent days, months, or years thinking about questions that had nothing to do with the reality of things? Or have you met people whom you gave only five or ten seconds to cut them out of your life?

All of this is because you accept more than you allow yourself to live the experience to confirm your educated and persistent perception. The problem is not accepting something about a hunch or a hunch: the problem is when you believe it is true even without having checked or observed it in perspective or put any information together.

When you accept something, you are starting from a false basis because you believe and assume beforehand that you have the absolute truth about something. What’s more, you stop distinguishing what is a guess until it’s taken for granted because something is real … without even having checked or experienced it.

The process of guessing is unconscious and part of the brain’s cognitive prejudices. A bias is a shortcut that your brain process needs to find an escape route or a quick fix. It is usually based on a quick impulse where you link information based on your life experience and connect it to that current situation to take the shortcut (bias) and draw quick conclusions. As you can see, this has not given an accurate result since then Share the wrong places and want to control situations by trying to trigger them at the speed your emotional dynamic demands.

To include this agreement to help you with your work: Asking more questions, being patient, thinking, connecting better with other people. Avoid making assumptions through active listening and assertive communication. Off the facts, cool off your emotions for at least three days before acting compulsively.


When we talk about it “Be the best version of you” It means that you begin to live your life in a way that makes sense to you and that, in turn, your actions can change your surroundings.

This agreement suggests that you turn to the trait of excellence. Many people seek perfection in themselves and in the world: that does not exist on this physical level. So we can strive to be excellent. At work, for example, there is a lot of talk about “having to be perfect”.

Being an excellent person is more than being impeccable. It means continuously and in all areas of life to express your utmost commitment to the overall quality of your thoughts, words and actions. When you do your best, you step out of your known zone to expand a little further and re-energize yourself to reach a higher level of excellence in everything you do.

Doing the best you can is always giving 100%. 99.9% is not one hundred percent of what you can give. There is a difference.

All it takes on your part is that you do your best anytime, anywhere. There is a little more than usual. It’s no longer about downplaying things and getting them done quickly to get rid of them. It is a conscious choice to be a better person every second of your life.

To include this agreement: practice giving a little more every day; Make an effort to find the aspects that need to be improved. Get inspiration from people who have already done this – there are millions of sources of information available. Talk to people who you think are exemplary. Learn from biographies, uplifting films, and experiences you learn from. Given the failure, evaluate it with the learning it left you with. Discover the inexhaustible source of your personal strength to be better every time in all levels of your life.

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