How do Bitcoin and Ethereum differ?

For the past few months, Bitcoin and Ethereum have been in the headlines associated with the surge in cryptocurrency prices. In this context, the newest members of the ecosystem ask themselves what similarities and differences exist between the two in order to know what to invest in.

From they shared a specific analysis with Cointelegraph in Spanish to help understand this Properties of Bitcoin and Ethereum

How do Bitcoin and Ethereum differ?
How do Bitcoin and Ethereum differ?

It means that Bitcoin is a rare asset and Ethereum isn’t, at least for now. It also means that as less and less bitcoins are created (thanks to the halving), this cryptocurrency is fighting inflation, unlike Ethereum ???? they noted from


Regarding the use of the heavyweights of the crypto world, they stated, “Both are working on a blockchain”.

And later they added, “The purpose of these two cryptocurrencies is not to compete with each other, but to allow them to coexist completely.”

On the other hand, they made it clear that they are not only used for the purposes mentioned above.

Not only can you save value and pay in bitcoins over time, but you can also use the network to move money from one side of the planet to the other in seconds and as often as you like. For example, Bitcoin is currently increasingly used to make wire transfers, that is, to send money from one country to another, and Ethereum is also used to pay, but to a lesser extent as the fees are too expensive in their current state to make them make small payments? specified.

Bitcoin already today has the support of hundreds of institutions around the world who trust it to create value, and the projects that are being created on Ethereum, such as DeFi (decentralized funding), have a real use in everyday life ????, they noticed afterwards.

Finally, they recalled that it is necessary to do research and learn about it before investing money in any cryptocurrency.

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