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How can you sell more with TikTok?

June 29, 2020

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How can you sell more with TikTok?How can you sell more with TikTok?

If you want your own business to grow and prosper, when the world reopens and a new sense of normality comes up, getting to know TikTok is a good first step. The video sharing platform has grown from relative darkness to one of the world’s leading social media companies and is one of the friendliest for entrepreneurs who know how it works.

TikTok was specially developed for building personal brands and is used by many entrepreneurs in this way. For example, in just three and a half months, one of TikTok’s top chefs assembled an army of more than a quarter of a million loyal fans who are all hungry for new content. This aspiring food star is Nadia Caterina Munno, but her quarter of a million TikTok fans just know her as The Pasta Queen.

The social strategy of the queen of noodles

You always have to start with the brand’s backstory, and for Munno that means being born to cook pasta. She is a true descendant of Rome and the food is in her blood. In the 19th century, his great-grandparents owned a pasta factory just an hour and 20 minutes south of the Italian capital. Nadia’s family is still nicknamed “The Macaronis”.

However, his arrival in the online world was not that natural. Munno said in an interview: “I have never liked technology. To be honest, I learned how to edit and upload videos out of sheer willpower. Today I edit all of my videos and attribute growth to a combination of drive, purpose and incentive. I really I think that’s where the real talent comes from. “

Nadia Caterina Munno, The Pasta Queen / Picture: Felix Kunze

Cynical entrepreneurs can say that the rapid rise of The pasta queen and his new fame on the internet is simply a matter of luck. You can argue that she was just in the right place at the right time and that it will be difficult or even impossible to repeat her success.

What cynics have to understand is that there really is a formula Tick ​​tack, one that smart entrepreneurs can customize to fit their own brands and promote their own products. These entrepreneurs may not have culinary skills or smart recipes, but they can learn from others who have been successful on the platform and develop the same strategy for their brands.

In the Internet age, viewers want real, actionable information in exchange for their time. Communication with the larger TikTok world is also crucial on the platform. Successful TikTok content can generate thousands of comments and direct messages every day. Pasta Queen listens to everything from chefs trying variations on their recipes to requests for help from the least talented in the kitchen. Here are some of the ingredients for your success.

Post regularly

If you post at least once a day, the TikTok algorithm prefers you as the creator and you are more likely to appear on the main “For You” page.

Don’t worry about your niche

Over-analyzing your niche can hinder the distribution of your content. Munno says you are your authentic self and let your messages shine by themselves.

Involve your followers

Talk to your first one pendant It helps build a loyal base, which is an important first step you should take.

Live at least once a week

When you go live, you can be discovered on the For You page, even if you have a small number of followers.

Get instant attention

You need to involve someone from the start and grab their attention in half a second. People move, move, and move almost automatically, but if they see something shocking right away, they are likely to stay.

Make tutorials

Every time you teach, educate, or inform an audience, the likelihood of drawing increases significantly (opinions, comments, actions, etc.).

Study analysis

You should review your post-analysis frequently to determine what works or what can be optimized. It also helps you better understand your audience to provide content accordingly.

(Relatively) short videos

Munno says 20-30 seconds of video was key. “It never hurts to use a topic that is generally accepted as food.” I see lawyers who give quick tips, real estate agents who visit houses, and accountants who give tax tips. You can do anything as long as it is quick and digestible. “

A business, not a hobby

Overnight growth is not easy to cope with, and it can have a dark side for the unprepared. s and people who suddenly go viral may feel a little overwhelmed, but they need to stay professional and learn to treat the opportunity with the appreciation it deserves.

This can mean spending half the day filming, perfecting and uploading videos to the platform, and spending extra hours answering questions on social media, answering questions, and interacting with the wider community. The most famous TikTok users are those who take it seriously and understand its true potential.

Using TikTok for successful brand building is not an easy task and there are many obstacles along the way. There are still misconceptions about what the platform is, who it was designed for, and how it works. s who want to achieve the same success that a company would grow with should treat it with the same level of respect.