How can you expand your personal and business project despite the crisis?

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How can you expand your personal and business project despite the crisis?
How can you expand your personal and business project despite the crisis?

If you have a bad time in your company, if you have reduced your sales or if you have been fired from your job and do not know which direction you will go, we have news for you: you can reinvent yourself at any time.

How can you grow in an adverse environment in your personal and business project? It may not be the easiest question to answer, but the instructions below will surely help you.

Anahí Marín, CEO and founder of Trazendia, a community of change agents that make things happen, participated in the initiative School at home carry out s along with IEBS. There she shared her experience as an entrepreneur and to transform her business in the midst of the crisis.

Where should I start and how can I define whether you can start a new project? The partner and director of Vikua Mexico for city management and smart governments said that the first step is Remove the padlocks.

It means that you stop feeling guilty for going through the crisis or even for the good that you have done. “Concentrate on the fact that these difficult times are stumbling blocks that make you progress, that is, to the next level. These findings are important, ”he confirms.

Take stock

After leaving the debt, you need to take stock. Analyze your experience and skills and find out what will help you monetize. It’s about the strengths, qualities that distinguish you, and the knowledge that will be your advantage. Divide it into six pillars: Hobbies, academic, professional, business, social impact, NGOs, relationships you have; You define the sixth pillar.

“You can’t start a business or start a personal project that doesn’t have all of the skills, experience, knowledge, and relationships that you have today.”

Now you have to understand: what you did three months ago will no longer work for you today. You have to adjust, but your inventory is essential because “nobody can offer what they don’t have, what isn’t part of you if you don’t know where you are or what you want,” Anahí emphasizes. For this reason, he recommends: “Don’t go for later, include yourself in your plans.”

Do a cleaning

The Global Shaper of Aguascalientes was experiencing a crisis just at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. He had just quit his job and held several personal events with his company Trazendia. After being released from custody, he was forced to cancel her. He had to pay rent and bills and lost some of his investments.

The option was to reinvent and digitize his business, resulting in 10x growth in his company.

How do I do it? Ensures that Everything starts with your thinking. “Your performance is proportional to your usual thoughts.” So he says you should clean. Although there are unpleasant things, you need to remove what is slowing you down. Recognize which thoughts restrict, distract, impair your view, raise doubts or block you.

It also offers three basic tips:

  1. When the phone stops ringing, ring the bell. If the customer doesn’t arrive, let them arrive. How? Communicate in different ways, check the box, and let the other person follow the conversation that feels they have something to offer and improve.
  2. Learn to communicate. Many people have the problem you are helping to solve, but they do not know anything about you. Take into account that it is not enough to communicate with your company, but that you also have to communicate with yourself.
  3. A gram weighs more than a kilo. It is not enough to just talk, you have to act.

Something important: “Nobody can identify potential customers without knowing problems and needs and solving them with the available resources.” A company that knows how to recognize people’s needs offers countless opportunities to offer solutions.

The founder of Trazendia insists that the money will come to you when you add value to other people. That is why he recommends in this crisis: “Concentrate on those people who have not stopped working and have a lot of problems to solve. You have to be the person who will solve them.”

Participate in the full Anahí class in the video included in this article. You will learn how to create the goal of your personal and business project. Don’t forget to attend the following sessions of homeschool. They are Monday to Friday at 1 p.m. Subscribe for free Here.

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