How can you be more optimistic?

If you are a positive person, you can get better results in your business and in daily life.

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How can you be more optimistic?
How can you be more optimistic?

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult and challenging, especially in hard times. However, it is absolutely essential to prevent negativity from invading your everyday life.

The psychologist Barbara Fredrickson conducted research on the positivismThis enabled him to come up with a concept called “Positivism Indices” that compares the number of times you think positive with negative during a given time.

In her book on the subject, the expert says that these indices can accurately predict whether you are depressed, sluggish, or happy.

Simply put, the more positive and less negative thoughts you have, the higher your index will be. The results can be surprising: a 1: 1 ratio predicts “clinical depression”; An index of 2 to 1 corresponds to “sluggish” and 3 of 1 means “positive”.

The most fascinating aspect of Fredrickson’s research is the concept that sincere positivism naturally spreads. According to the psychologist, when someone reaches the point 3 to 1, positivism not only reflects success, but also creates it. With this attitude we are all able to become perpetual machines of gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, and inspiration.

But how can you increase the positivity in your company? We share three tips that you can practice on a daily basis:

1. Be grateful
To increase your positivity rate, try being more grateful for everything from your friends and family to working on a project you love.

I took this advice seriously by starting each day with a prayer that focused on gratitude. You can do this by reaching out to the deity or higher power you believe in and thanking them for all of the blessings you have. The reality is that even in my worst moments, my quality of life was better than that of many people.

2. Visualize positively
Just as gratitude can increase positivity, so are mental visualizations powerful. Imagine doing things that make you happy. This becomes a kind of prophecy in the physical world. Start your day with a smile and you could stick with that attitude all day.

The problem is that this idea works both ways. When faced with an obstacle, people tend to worry and imagine the worst. While it’s a natural response, it also leads to negative visualization that can lead to self-sabotage.

If you are concerned, stop and think positively. One key to achieving this is to focus on the things that you can control. Rather than imagining customers accepting your project (since their decisions are beyond your control), imagine yourself serving with confidence, charisma, and energy.

3. Discuss your doubts
I am a person with a lot of confidence in myself. In general, people tell me that I am more confident than anyone they have ever met and even then I sometimes have doubts.

One tool that I have found very helpful is to debate my negative thoughts with real evidence. In the book Learned Optimism, Martin Seligman suggests writing your own negative thoughts on a card. Write on the back at least three pieces of evidence that don’t match this idea.

Negativity is often just smoke and mirrors. So, by doing such an exercise, you can purify the air and flaunt the truth.

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