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How can I sell online?

June 4, 2020

Here are the steps to start your online business.

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How can I sell online?How can I sell online?

By: Jesús De los Ríos Granja.

One of the oldest companies in the world

Bread has existed since prehistoric times, in fact it is one of the characteristics that characterize the abandonment of the nomadic way of life and the beginning of sedentary life. Later, baking techniques in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were refined and changed to be one of the most important companies in a country. We can confirm that the baker is one of the oldest professions.

A year ago we started advising a bakery chain with several branches in different parts of Mexico City, the positioning and scope of which is generally local. Our goal was clear to generate a digital sales channel that reached the income level of a physical business. It is a good challenge to bring one of humanity’s oldest companies into the 21st century.

Everything had to be done, from the creation of the portal to taking pictures of the products to approaches with the most important applications for food distribution in the city that we did not know. It is one of these projects that you will be happy to manage, as it is a new company that you can start from scratch, although it requires a great deal of trust from your client and therefore takes on an equal responsibility for you as an agency.

You can only imagine the big and complicated business of baking bread when it’s not there. There are thousands of factors that make it complex to operate and standardize in multiple industries. For us, resistance to change was perhaps the most difficult factor we encountered. The owners and managers of the company knew that they wanted this innovation, but the people who run the various outlets and face the public didn’t want it.


This resistance became more apparent when the implementation of tablets with online sales apps began, as employees took care to take the orders and then deliver them. This has given us an important first learning to always give priority to communication and closeness to your employees, to make the information they receive clear, to keep track of them, to do things and to implement measures with simple indicators that everyone Day must be met.

The second learning is to be very clear about your goal, in which case we didn’t want to develop one Market place more and then ignore our customers, but develop a whole strategy and processes that would be measured by sales. This change of perspective greatly enriched the project and helped us to define the scope.

In other words, it went from a “job description From the development of a website to campaigns and participation in social networks to topics such as personnel training, implementation and standardization of processes and indicators. These were translated into details that went as far as the way the campaign was outlined and regulated, or in the content of a post on Instagram.

In the end, we achieved our first goals in December 2019. This allowed us different channels for the arrival of the Covid19 pandemic, which today make it possible to support the sale of its physical offices and collectively generate the equivalent of one of them. It’s like opening another store, but reducing waste without that much investment and with the products you already have.

Steps to online sales

Based on past experience and the lessons learned, the following are the basic steps to start your online sales strategy:

  1. Plan your goals. Ask yourself what I want to do and why I want to do it. and how will i measure it? Try to be realistic in your endeavors.

  2. Discuss how far you can go with your online sales. If, due to the nature of your product or service, you cannot complete the sale in digital media, your campaign tries to generate leads From potential buyers who you will need to contact later to complete the sales cycle, these types of campaigns have the advantage of allowing you to learn more about your customers. However, if your product can be sold online, it has the advantage that it is easier to calculate the ratio of how much each peso you invested generates and to fully automate your processes.

  3. Define your market and sales channels that you can reach them, think about their needs and how to talk to them. Social networks are excellent channels to start these conversations, although they are not always the channel where the sale is made.

  4. The price of your products is one of the most important issuesNot because it is sold online does it have to be cheaper. Always consider factors such as additional logistics costs, online pickup applications or additional customer service personnel to define your price. Don’t forget to turn around to see the prices of the competition.

  5. Map your online sales process, from the time the user knows you until the purchase is complete. In this way you can optimize when implementing your strategy.

  6. Never forget the logistics and how you will solve them. Remember that delivering on time is key to your promise to the customer. Take into account the associated costs.

  7. Prepare the above, now all of your channels like your online sales page, social networks, sales on third party platforms, etc. will be implemented.

  8. Never stop measuring and optimizing your strategy.

Remember that there is always an opportunity in every crisis and the current pandemic is a catalyst for the growth of digital media business, especially since the market is there all day.