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How can Bitcoin help the African American community?

June 7, 2020

When Bitcoin is the “peaceful protest”, Cryptocurrency proponents like Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao and author Isaiah Jackson say how can an average person use it to help the African American community now?

according to the author of “Bitcoin Black America”who spoke to Cointelegraph on June 4, It starts with purchasing power, whether it’s fiat or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC).

The wealth inequality between African Americans and whites in the United States, created through a long history of racist practices, including the red line and bank discriminationshould also be addressed when tragedies like George Floyd’s murder will endJackson highlights the impact of the lack of this kind of power on a community::

“”[…] Without economic strength, there are police officers who come from outside the community and do not appreciate it. They don’t appreciate your people, they don’t see you as a person, and that’s a problem. “

How can Bitcoin help the African American community?How can Bitcoin help the African American community?

Even though Jackson said Who is not against donations for purposes, in cryptocurrencies or in cash, to support the protests, Investments have to go deeper, including small businesses with black owners, the author says Capital can help combat police brutality in a number of ways what to take to the streets:

“When it comes to dealing with an oppressor, I think there are only two options: Either to bankrupt them in terms of money, the state or violence, I think the best option is money.”

Donate to the cause

That is known Protests, such as those currently taking place in major cities in the United States and around the world, are generating great interest in cryptocurrencies.

Posters Calls to buy Bitcoin have already surfaced in several citiesL, Cointelegraph reported in August that The Hong Kong movement prompted some local companies to accept decentralized digital currencies.

However, Investors should be vigilant to ensure that their money is being used for a legitimate purposeAt least I know that a group of George Floyd steals money with a custom token.

Jackson Named charities with cryptocurrencies like BitGive and GiveBitcoin As a possible start: “It would be great if you worked with the Black Lives Matter movement, or I would say there are more local organizations.”

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