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How are organizers turning the pandemic?

June 26, 2020

s use their creativity to deal with the effects of the pandemic. They create new business areas and migrate to experiences from home.

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How are organizers turning the pandemic?How are organizers turning the pandemic?

Today, more than ever, the event industry is looking for opportunities to innovate so that it can continue to offer its services. Local trendy, a company that specializes in setting up events and renting furniture, has found a way to reinvent the services it normally offers. It is one of the few companies that has managed to adapt to the current situation and switch to experience At home to be able to continue to be present in the special moments of every customer.

These are some of the measures Local Trendy has taken to continue operating in this quarantine.

  • Home experiences. Taking into account the fact that people cannot leave the house, he made his home experiences available to his customers to celebrate each occasion in a more intimate manner with the best style and accompanied this service with the appropriate hygiene and safety measures. To gain this experience, the company follows the most demanding hygiene and hygiene protocols to ensure that there is no risk to the work team or customers.
  • Use of the freight. He deployed his transportation units and offered his trucks for freight and / or moving services to maintain the income of his employees. The rate at which the service is offered is very attractive compared to the market because the goal is to support its maneuverers.
  • Furniture sales. Furniture that is normally rented for events was offered for sale on request. The company applies interior design and architecture to each of its lines, making it an ideal alternative for decorating interiors.
  • Alliance generation. As one of the most important measures, alliances were concluded with various suppliers in the event industry. With them, he managed to keep the conversation active on different platforms while the activity was stopped. An example is what he does on Instagram Live, where weekly Zaira Zepeda, CEO and Creative Director of Local Trendy, conducts an interesting interview for his followers and generates relevant content for them during this time.

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Customers have responded positively to these measures, and Local Trendy has managed to continue creating meaningful experiences despite all eventualities without having to leave the house.

The event industry consists of small businesses and SMEs, whose income depends not only on the organization of the events, but also on their implementation. An estimated 346,000 jobs have been lost in the past two months.

Zaira Zepeda, partner and creative director of Local Trendy, confirmed that these measures are aimed at maintaining the stability of the company, which is the livelihood of more than 40 Mexican families. It also ensures that what we experience forces us to stop and think that this is a good time for innovation, planning and creativity.