How amateur gamers make extra money during the pandemic

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  • Even without being a pro, you can win millions playing it.
  • Before the pandemic, only elite players were successful. This has changed now.
  • Some of the amateur players make up to $ 20,000 a year.

Even those who aren’t playing at this point know full well that millions of dollars can be made in professional sports. In addition to those wallets that hit the headlines, there are other options amateur gamers are taking during the pandemic to put a little extra cash in their pockets.

How amateur gamers make extra money during the pandemic
How amateur gamers make extra money during the pandemic

“We can see that employment has been disrupted across all ages, but there is a real interest and urgency in adding younger audiences to current income and many are keen to do that through games,” he says Tom Fairey, CEO of Stakester, a mobile competitive platform where players in sports and sports compete for prizes, including money.

“The age group of 18 to 35 seems to be the sweet spot for the combined interest in outside employment along with the need to generate additional income. The pandemic has absolutely put gambling on the spot, so people from casual gamers to brands to venture capitalists are taking notice. “

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Fairey analyzed how both established and new players make money.

What are the monetization options for gamers?

Before COVID-19, the sport started with huge payouts for elite players and stadiums full of fans cheering them on to glory. While the show may be paused while the world grapples with the pandemic, it is not and we are seeing an increase in the time people spend playing games. Indeed that 78 percent increased their hours under lockdown, according to a recent study by Stakester.

This group includes people who gamble as a legitimate sideline, either because they are unable to do their job or to make up for a drop in wages, and this is made possible through peer competition platforms. This is actually a really exciting trend because it means that gamers, from the most laid-back to the die-hard enthusiast, can win a portion of the millions traditionally only available to the best. We’re also starting to move peer competitions into the sport to support the stakes many people have already made, from brotherhoods beer pong tournaments to cross-fit straight pitches.

Can you break down the average amounts that players of different skill levels can expect?

It really depends on the skill level, format and hours played. Stakes can range from $ 5 to $ 10,000,000, but most are under $ 100. Last year, the grand prize in a professional tournament was $ 3 million Fourteen days. Outside of the pro-racetrack, wallets are much smaller, but millions of players battle it out for extra cash every month, and we’ve seen some highly skilled players take home more than that 1,600 per month and sometimes they pocket more than $ 20,000 a year.

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Who are some of the highest paid players and how much do they make?

Last year professional esports groups organized more than 4,000 tournaments and paid more than $ 211 million to the winners. A tournament of Dota 2 Records were set with prize money of $ 34 million in 2019. In fact, 37 of the top 40 players are from the Dota 2 round. Tournaments are financed differently. Some of the portfolios are crowdfunded, as in the case of Fornite. Others come from the developers themselves. For example, Valve Offers half the money on Dota 2 and ticket sales when events are in person.

What are the first steps to turn your hobby into an income?

Turning your hobby into a career is very easy. Just sign up and start playing! Most platforms, including Stakester, have skills customization features to ensure fair and fun competition so you can confidently support yourself.

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