Hosted by Putin, Leaders of France, Japan Castigate Trump

Mr. Putin, for his part, spoke of the United States shifting the rules of the international order even as it attempted to police those rules.

“The current situation in the world is such that everybody is playing soccer with the rules of judo,” Mr. Putin said. “So what we have is neither soccer nor judo. It’s chaos.”

The complaints by the French and Japanese leaders play into Russia’s long-term effort to drive wedges between the United States and its traditional allies.

Hosted by Putin, Leaders of France, Japan Castigate Trump
Hosted by Putin, Leaders of France, Japan Castigate Trump

To be sure, Mr. Macron also spoke of France’s long, warm historical alliance with the United States and said disagreements were part of that lengthy friendship. And Mr. Abe, in a speech, drew attention to the lack of a formal peace treaty to end World War II between Russia and Japan, because of a territorial dispute over islands.

The vice president of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Qishan, appeared to be the most diplomatic of all, saying China could learn from America. “America is the only global superpower, in soft power and in hard power,” Mr. Wang said.

The United States and European allies have sought to isolate Russia economically, and have expelled Russian diplomats, over its military intervention in Ukraine, meddling in foreign elections and the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain.

The sign of some fracturing of the Western alliance against Russia came as the Russian economy has been pulling out of a recession that had been brought on by swooning global prices for oil, a key export commodity, and Western sanctions.

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