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Hoskinson’s questions and answers reveal details of Cardano’s foray into Africa

July 28, 2020

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano (ADA) IOHK Developers, visited YouTube on July 25 for one of his regular QA sessions.

Hoskinson outlined the status of a series of tenders aimed at traveling to Africa on a variety of topics.

You can’t beat them all

Hoskinson admitted that IOHK had been subsidized in its main call to provide farmers with a fertilizer coupon program at the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). This despite the offer, which he thought was an incredibly low offer.

“It was crazy because we thought the contract would cost $ 500,000. But I really wanted it, so I bid $ 100,000 and someone came in with a $ 35,000 bid.”

Hoskinson’s questions and answers reveal details of Cardano’s foray into AfricaHoskinson’s questions and answers reveal details of Cardano’s foray into Africa

Hoskinson believed that the winning company with such a low bid could by no means hit breakeven, and speculated that the back-end would be renegotiated.. He hoped that this could open the door for IOHK and then become involved as a subcontractor.

A numbers game

Hoskinson said that the bidding process was a numbers game in which multiple contracts were offered at the same time, and was confident that IOHK would win the contracts on time.

“We also bid for a telecommunications contract, and we bid for a transportation contract, and there are some other things that we only offer on the Ethiopian side. But we also see a pan-African vision.”

He went on to say that they would eventually do hundreds of businesses a year, each of which would bring hundreds of thousands or millions of people into the Cardano ecosystem.

Association with telecommunications in Tanzania

Hoskinson announced a previously undisclosed agreement with World Mobile in Tanzania. The company works with 4G mesh networks and configures micro-ISP.

IOHK has been working with World Mobile for some time and will make an official announcement soon. However, the company took some time to procure the resources required for the implementation.

Cardano has seen impressive price movements in the last few months after the announcement and subsequent launch of the “Shelley” update.

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