HOQU Bounty Program Best in ICO History

Thanks for the support, guys!

The HOQUBounty Program has demonstrated the best results and dynamics in the history of ICO projects. The Program has generated nearly 7000 replies on BitcoinTalk and has gathered the largest Bounty fund in the amount of 2%of the total Hard Cap. In addition, the Program has yielded an astounding amount of attention and feedback.

The results of the Bounty Program are solely the result of the developmentteam’s incessant, hard work at making HOQU the most reliable and attractive ICO on the market through the creation of a viable, necessary product for the market that is firmly set on generating value for all stakeholders.

HOQU Bounty Program Best in ICO History
HOQU Bounty Program Best in ICO History

In addition, HOQU has an active Welcome Bonus Program and is offeringfreeHQX Tokens for a limitedtime. Every week the amount of Tokens available will decrease by 10% as the start of the program was hailed on December 11, 2017.

To Claim Free HQX Tokens:

Subscribe to HOQU’sEnglish Telegram channel (https://t.me/hoquio) and remain part of it until the end of the Token Sale in February, 2018.

Register an Account on https://account.hoqu.io

And that is how easy it is to get Free HQX Tokens, which will be automatically transferred to your accountwallet.

The given limited offer is a unique opportunity for all to take part in the future of HOQU and get a chance to test and use the platform’s unique features and offering. Join HOQU today

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