Honor among thieves? Darknet markets reject COVID-19 “cures”

Almost half of the darknet sites studied at the Australian National University They do not offer “treatments” or protective equipment against COVID-19.

The researchers discovered that Eight of the 20 markets do not sell coronavirus items, and nine others sell a very limited selection. Only three locations made up the vast majority (85%) of all individual items sold.

The study was commissioned by the Australian Institute of Criminology and On April 3, 20 Darknet stores were monitored to conduct a census of COVID-19 related medical products and consumables.

Honor among thieves? Darknet markets reject COVID-19 “cures”
Honor among thieves? Darknet markets reject COVID-19 “cures”

The researchers found 645 offers for sale in exchange for cryptocurrencies, including personal protective equipment (PPE), “vaccines”, diagnostic equipment, and one even claimed to offer a blood sample from a recovered coronavirus patient. The researchers were not allowed to buy the article, so they could not assess the authenticity of such articles.

Evidence of a conscious darknet?

The report, titled “Availability of COVID-19 related products in the Darknet Tor markets,” states: “Crime follows opportunities and the COVID-19 pandemic is a return of scarcity and fear“”

While some quickly took advantage of the pandemic’s financial opportunities, The products tested were valued at $ 240,000. The fact that almost half of these listings were missing could suggest this Some Darknet operators have more scruples than generally assumed.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, the study’s author, Professor Roderic Broadhurst, speculated about the lack of COVID-19 related products at certain locations:

“Basically, different markets see the risk differently. Many already prohibit products such as child abuse material and certain drugs / poisons / etc., i.e. ethics [es] also relevant. “Of course, some markets have no such scruples and can be considered bulletproof.”

Free market in the Darknet

Naturally Many darknet markets happily sell drugs, weapons, and stolen credit card and personal information. Some corners of the Darknet are worse than others: Cointelegraph recently reported this more than USD 900,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019 started buying material for child sexual abuse on the Darknet.

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