Hong Kong protesters try to paralyze airport activities

Authorities confirm at least 63 detainees in violent protests on Saturday

MADRID, 1 Sep. –

Hong Kong protesters have focused their sights on transport networks to the territory's airport on Sunday in an attempt to paralyze flights as happened fifteen days ago, although the facilities are still operating normally for now.

Participants in the demonstration have come to break into the same airport for a few minutes before being evicted by the Police, according to witnesses of the 'Hong Kong Free Press', and return to the barricades that have established in some access points to the Terminal one.

Hong Kong protesters try to paralyze airport activities
Hong Kong protesters try to paralyze airport activities

The most tense moment has occurred shortly after, when thousands of protesters have flooded the underground Tung Chung station several kilometers from the airport with water hoses, before starting to wander around a nearby shopping center.

Two other protests are expected throughout the night, in the city of Tin Shui Wai, north of Hong Kong, in front of the British consulate on Admiralty Avenue, where thousands of Hong Kong people will request the British Government, a colonial power until 1997 , the permission to validate your passports in case you want to reside in the United Kingdom.

All in all, and for the moment, the day passes with more tranquility compared to Saturday's riots, which have left a balance of 63 detainees, according to the figures collected by the 'South China Morning Post', in what concerns the thirteenth Consecutive weekend of protests against the authorities after the controversy, and now suspended, proposed extradition law to China.

Among those arrested, according to Superintendent Tsui Suk Yee, there are 54 men and nine women, aged 13 to 36, and could be charged with criminal damages, possession of weapons, illegal gathering and possession of explosive material, in reference to molotov cocktails used on Saturday by some radicals against the security forces. Among the items confiscated from suspects are gas masks, laser pointers, metal balls and helmets.

Back in the immediate vicinity of the airport, protesters have managed to close at least nine transport stations, whose effects are being perceived in Terminal 2 of the territory's airport in the form of boarding slowdowns.

Despite this, airport authorities have confirmed that the majority of flights departing from Hong Kong operate normally despite the interruption of transport links.

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