Hong Kong protesters take subway stations again after failing at the airport


Hong Kong protesters have taken to the streets this Saturday for the fourteenth consecutive week to protest and have returned to take several stations of the rail transport network, the MTR, and some shopping centers of the MRT itself after failing in a new attempt to block the airport

Police have prevented protesters from collapsing the airport as they did a few weeks ago, so the clashes have moved to shopping centers such as Sha Tin's Citylink and Kowloon Bays's Telford Plaza, as reported by the newspaper 'South China Morning Post '.

Hong Kong protesters take subway stations again after failing at the airport
Hong Kong protesters take subway stations again after failing at the airport

There have also been threats of police cargo at stations such as Tung Chung, a scene of riots last Sunday. The Prince Edward station is closed before the call for a new concentration.

These incidents occur after a new night of violence in which the police have reused tear gas and rubber bullets to dissolve the crowds.

Thus, hundreds of protesters, many of them masked and dressed in black, have attacked the subway stations on the Kowloon peninsula on Friday night and have shot down posters, set fire to the street and painted graffiti, among other actions. “The behavior has been scandalous,” the government said in a statement.

The protesters maintain the demonstrations despite the decision of the leader of the Hong Kong Government, Carrie Lam, who last Wednesday withdrew the bill that would allow the extraditions of Hong Kong to mainland China, the origin of the protests.

Demonstrations have sometimes paralyzed parts of the city, an important Asian financial center, due to street clashes between protesters and the Police, which has responded with tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons. Violent arrests of protesters have drawn international attention.

Hong Kong returned under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 thanks to an agreement with the United Kingdom whereby China undertook to maintain the regime of rights and freedoms enjoyed by the territory during colonial rule, which resulted in the beginning of 'a country , two systems'.

In recent years, Hong Kong people have taken the streets massively to preserve this special status. They already did it in 2014, with the so-called Umbrella Revolution, in which many saw the 'Chinese Spring' although it was finally deactivated.

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