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Hong Kong protesters believe they are facing their last chance to protest against the Government

August 25, 2019

HONG KONG, 25 Aug. (DPA / EP) –

Hong Kong protesters perceive that this weekend's protests against the government may be the last to perceive an increase in pressure from the security forces of the territory, while the police have again resorted to tear gas to disperse The protesters this Sunday.

“It seems to me that we are facing our last chance,” says protester Phoenix Ip. “I think that the control of the Government is more and more iron and possibly we are facing our last fight,” he added.

“I am quite pessimistic about the future. But I want to tell the next generation that, at least, we try,” he said during his attendance at this Sunday's protest in the Kowloon neighborhood.

Another one of the demonstrators, Chevron Hor, has lamented that China is putting more and more pressure to finish incorporating the hongkongés judicial system, in principle independent according to the return agreement signed with the United Kingdom and executed in 1997.

“China not only does not want to lose us, but it wants us to become part of China and act like the people there, and it seems to me that none of us want that,” he said.

Late this afternoon, local time, hostilities have resumed in the Tsuen Wan district, where police have thrown tear gas while protesters threw stones and projectiles.

Hong Kong Police arrested 29 people during Saturday’s violent protests against the government, where some protesters have thrown Molotov cocktails at security forces, which have responded in turn with tear gas.

The riot police and the protesters in Hong Kong met again after the peaceful demonstrations last week against the Government of the territory. Previously four MTR subway stations had been closed due to protests.

The authorities turned to tear gas after some protesters threw Molotov cocktails and bricks and others broke “smart” streetlights equipped with surveillance cameras. Others had blocked the roads with scaffolding made of bamboo. This is the first use of tear gas in 10 days after a series of demonstrations, mostly peaceful, in the former British colony.