Hong Kong protesters again defy the law that prohibits wearing a face


Thousands of protesters have gone out on Saturday to the streets of Hong Kong with masks and masks to protest against the Government despite the new regulations that prohibit covering their faces under the threat of one-year jail sentences and fines of more than 3,000 euros.

During the day groups of radicals have attacked shops considered related to the Government in the border town of Sheung Shui despite calls from social organizations to maintain a day of truce during Saturday to resume mobilizations in later days.

Hong Kong protesters again defy the law that prohibits wearing a face
Hong Kong protesters again defy the law that prohibits wearing a face

More than a thousand protesters have traveled the distance between Causeway Bay and Central, hundreds more have participated in a human chain in Tsim Sha Tsui and another group has made a peaceful sitting at the Tai Po Mega shopping center, reports the newspaper 'South China Morning Post '.

“I don't worry too much (being arrested) because the law is depriving Hong Kong people of their freedoms,” said one of the protesters, identified as Lan and dressed in a banana costume with his face covered.

Another activist, Chow, has defended the masks to protect active protesters and youth against unfair detentions. “If young people don't protest the anti-mask law, who will fight for Hong Kong?”

Meanwhile, the leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, has condemned the uptick of “intolerable and unprecedented” violence that has shaken the city and caused the partial suspension of transport services and the closure of shops.

Lam has thus once again defended the emergency law he declared this week to ban the use of masks by protesters who have been protesting against Chinese rule for three months and in favor of democracy. The emergency law on masks is a regulation that dates back to the British colonial era that has not been applied in more than 50 years.

The Chinese Government has expressed its support for the law applied by the leader of the Hong Kong Government through the mouth of a spokesman for the Office of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Yang Guang, who has warned that the chaos situation in which The former British colony lives mired, it cannot continue indefinitely. According to Beijing, the protests threaten to lead to a revolution with foreign intervention.

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