Hong Kong Police use tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters


Hong Kong Police have used tear gas to disperse hundreds of anti-government protesters who have gathered in a city park where another local protest was planned on Saturday.

Hundreds of protesters have concentrated in the vicinity of the Tuen Mun park, amid a strong police and riot presence, which have finally intervened using tear gas after the launch of Molotov cocktails by some of those present.

Hong Kong Police use tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters
Hong Kong Police use tear gas to disperse anti-government protesters

“Radical protesters have caused damage to the facilities of the Tuen Mun light subway station with iron rods, have thrown objects against the road and have installed barricades in the vicinity, obstructing traffic,” a police spokesman quoted by the 'South China Morning Post' newspaper.

He also added, “radical protesters have launched Molotov cocktails, which poses a serious threat to the safety of other people and the agents there.” According to this newspaper, at least three people would have been arrested during these incidents.

Hong Kong residents had called a march to the government headquarters to call attention to the inadequate response of the authorities to their complaints about the noise in the Tuen Mun park during the night.

As a result of these events, the light underground station has closed and the service has been suspended. A good part of the businesses in the area have also closed their doors. According to the newspaper, most protesters have already dispersed and hundreds of agents are present in the area.

Hong Kong has been the scene for 16 weeks of protests in favor of democracy that began as a rejection of an extradition bill that included sending to mainland China, which has already been completely abandoned by the head of local government, Carrie Lam. However, there have been demonstrations, although less massive.

Hong Kong returned under Chinese sovereignty in 1997 thanks to an agreement with the United Kingdom whereby China pledged to maintain the regime of rights and freedoms enjoyed by the territory during colonial rule, which resulted in the beginning of “a country , two systems. ”

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