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Hong Kong police raid on opposition primaries

July 10, 2020

The Hong Kong police have searched a demonstration company involved in the primaries of the opposition parties. This is due to start on Saturday, Friday, due to a suspected leak.

Cybersecurity agents broke into the offices of the Hong Kong Institute for Polling Research (PORI) on Friday afternoon (local time) after receiving information about a suspected data breach from local residents, according to local newspaper “South China Morning Post”.

PORI’s deputy director, Chung Kim Wah, told the Hong Kong media that the police had informed them that the inspection was due to an alleged leak of the data collected in a 2013 opinion poll.

Hong Kong police raid on opposition primariesHong Kong police raid on opposition primaries

“What a coincidence that the police acted tonight,” Chung said, noting that the police search took place on the eve of the opposition primaries when the study in question took place seven years ago.