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Hong Kong Police arrest five teenagers accused of killing a 70-year-old man in protests

December 14, 2019


The Hong Kong Police have arrested five teenagers on Friday accused of killing a 70-year-old man during the protests that have been going on in the city for six months.

The defendants, three boys and two girls between 15 and 18, are also accused of causing riots and assault, according to the local newspaper 'The Standard'.

The events happened on November 13 in the Sheung Shui area, 'South China Morning Post' reported. Luo Changquing, a city cleaning services worker, went through a road blockade carried out by protesters, while they faced a crowd of people.

In this context, the victim tried to photograph the scene with his mobile, but a brick hit his head and lost consciousness. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died the next day.

The police classified the case as murder after the death of Luo Changquing and offered a reward of 800,000 Hong Kong dollars (92,000 euros) for information leading to the capture of the culprit.

Protests in Hong Kong began in June in response to an extradition law that had to be withdrawn. Subsequently, the demands for greater democratic freedom have been imposed that Beijing, protesters denounce, does not allow.