Hong Kong Police accuse protesters of endangering lives

HONG KONG, Oct. 14 (Reuters / EP) –

The Hong Kong Police have said that protesters have accused protesters of “endangering lives” for their violent actions, after the explosion of a small device and that an agent was stabbed Sunday night.

“They are not protesters, they are troublemakers and criminals. Regardless of the cause they fight for, nothing justifies this violence,” said police number two, Tang Ping Keung.

Hong Kong Police accuse protesters of endangering lives
Hong Kong Police accuse protesters of endangering lives

The demonstrations intensified at the beginning of June to demand the withdrawal of the extradition law promoted by the Carrie Lam Government, according to which the door was opened for the transfer of suspects required by Beijing. However, they have remained to claim greater democracy.

In recent hours, a group of protesters has thrown 20 Molotov cocktails against a police station and there have also been damage to shops and subway stations. A small bomb detonated by remote control exploded on Sunday night as a police car passed by.

This type of incident has generated some division among the protesters, although those who opt for the hardline justify the altercations. “Violence is never desirable, but in the case of Hong Kong, we have no choice,” Chan has claimed Jackson, 21.

“In June, two million people took to the streets and demonstrated peacefully, but the government showed a total lack of respect for public opinion. The escalation of violence is inevitable,” Chan added. Since June, more than 2,300 people have been arrested.

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