Hong Kong Apple Daily Newspaper Tells Readers: “Bitcoin Will Never Leave You”

Another cryptocurrency ad was placed in the print mediaThis time without advertising for a specific company or service.

A full-page advertisement for Bitcoin (BTC) appeared on the front page of the Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily today.. Although the text seems to enlighten readers about BTC, there is no obvious mention of where or how to buy the coin, just a single reference to Genesis Block, a cryptocurrency company based in the specific administrative region.

“Bitcoin will never leave you,” read the ad on Satoshi Nakamoto’s name.while added in Cantonese: “Banks, you won’t leave me today, I will leave you”.

“Bitcoin is digital money. It is not issued or controlled by any government or company. Nobody can stop you from doing transactions on the network, and it cannot be closed. Bitcoin is available to everyone regardless of nationality, gender or beliefs. Bitcoin started with the block. Genesis during the 2009 financial crisis. Now comes his moment. “

Hong Kong Apple Daily Newspaper Tells Readers: “Bitcoin Will Never Leave You”
Hong Kong Apple Daily Newspaper Tells Readers: “Bitcoin Will Never Leave You”


Source: Reddit

The newspaper’s CEO is arrested

The Apple Daily is one of the largest print media in Hong Kong, however It has become even more popular since its CEO was arrested two weeks ago.

The billionaire and CEO of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai was arrested on August 10 for alleged violations of Hong Kong’s controversial national security law.. On the same day, the newspaper’s offices were also raided by the authorities. His arrest was seen by many as part of a campaign against pro-democracy figures in the Special Administrative Region..

In response, Hong Kongers showed their support for Lai and the free press by queuing early to buy copies of Apple Dailyand also shares in Next Digital, the parent company responsible for the newspaper. Through his efforts, the company’s share price rose more than 1,100%..

Lai was released after 40 hours in detention. However, his arrest and support for the newspaper as one of the independent media outlets amid ongoing protests could partly explain why someone selected Apple Daily for a featured Bitcoin ad.

The messages of the “Nobody Can Stop You” ad and the fact that they are not controlled by any government can go down well with young demonstrators looking for an alternative to traditional funding..

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