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Hive’s transactions surpass Steem’s when Splinterlands joins the rebellion

June 4, 2020

Steems most popular decentralized app (DApp), a card trading game called Splinterlands is the latest high-profile migration to the Steem Rebel Fork, Hive.

As a result, the number of daily transactions on Steem has dropped by a third and is below that of Hive for the first time. Hive is a Steem community fork that was created after Tron founder Justin Sun bought Steemit Inc.

The migration was in response to a surprise fork that started in late May to freeze the tokens of the old Steem block validators. Splinterlands wrote at the time he joined the rebellion:

“This is a huge and unacceptable risk to the game. We cannot continue to work in a chain where changes are not public and we do not have enough time to test and review.”

The best Steem game changes to Hive

Hive’s transactions surpass Steem’s when Splinterlands joins the rebellionHive’s transactions surpass Steem’s when Splinterlands joins the rebellion

Splinterlands display The success of the migration on June 2 encouraged the “Splinterlandians” to be happy in the middle of the move. The decision seems to have been well received by many of the game’s players some users anecdotal reporting better performance after the transition.

According to DappRadar Splinterlands has over 4,772 active users daily and 5,560 weekly users. The game has produced almost 788,400 transactions in the past seven daysThis indicates that the migration has no impact on the Splinterlands user base.

Due to the Splinterlands migration, the Steem transactions decrease

Data released on June 3 on Hive’s decentralized blogging platform PeakD shows that the move from Splinterlands to Hive had a significant impact on the number of daily transactions. This took place in Steem, which fell from almost 600.00 to less than 400,000 during the migration.

Daily transactions on Steam: PeakD

As a result of the corresponding increase in hive activities, transactions rose to over 400,000 and exceeded Steem for the first time.

Daily transactions in Hive: PeakD

Hives Token also outperforms Steems, with HIVE changing hands for $ 0.246 while STEEM is trading at $ 0.207.