Historically high Bitcoin price, Ethereum 2.0 starts, BlackRocks BTC in sight and much more. A round-up of the week’s top crypto news

The final month of this bizarre year finally came, and it came with a week of volatility that surpassed the historic highs for Bitcoin, progress on the long road to Ethereum 2.0 and the sign that the end of this year 2020 is keeping us busy with many things becomes .

Thanks to a collaboration between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph led by Cristobal Pereira, CEO of Blockchain Summit Latam and LaTamTech, and Ezio Rojas, Head of News at Cointelegraph in Spanish, We present you with a round-up of 5 news that have impacted the market and ecosystem of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies this week. You can also listen to it in podcast format here.

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