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High tide in Venice forces to close St. Mark’s Square and restrict the navigation of the ‘Vaporetti’

November 15, 2019

St. Mark's Basilica Square in Venice, flooded by high tide – Claudio Furlan / LaPresse via ZUMA / DPA


A new peak of high tide this Friday in the Venetian Lagoon has led authorities to decree the temporary closure of St. Mark's Square and prohibit the navigation of the 'Vaporetti', the traditional passenger ships, the agency said of local news AdnKronos.

High tide in Venice forces to close St. Mark’s Square and restrict the navigation of the ‘Vaporetti’High tide in Venice forces to close St. Mark’s Square and restrict the navigation of the ‘Vaporetti’

The high tide has reached the level of 154 centimeters on Friday, returning to submerge several parts of the Italian city, before beginning to descend. This rise in water level has led the authorities to prohibit the navigation of passenger ships type 'Vaporetto' while waiting for the tide to drop.

In addition, the temporary closure of the Plaza de San Marcos has been decreed for citizens and tourists, after the first warning sirens began to sound at 6.39 hours on Friday due to the rise in the tide.

The forecast has been getting worse since Thursday, when the forecast indicated that the 'acqua alta' would be at 145 centimeters, although the authorities had already decided to close schools and colleges for Friday.

“Today we are also in the front line to face exceptional tides. There are so many citizens, holders of activities and dependents that tell me their difficulties. With pride and humility, we work to make the city recover. We are resistant,” said the Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro in a message on his official Twitter account.

The Minister of Relations with Parliament, Federico D'Inca, has reported on Twitter that the mayor of Venice has been appointed commissioner for the emergency in this Italian city and has underlined the support of the Executive. “The situation is complex but the state, that is, the Government, is ready to do everything necessary to protect this beautiful and fragile city,” said the minister.

The Government led by the Prime Minister, Guiseppe Conte, has approved the declaration of the state of emergency in Venice, with a contribution of 20 million euros in funds to help those affected by floods resulting from high tides this week.

After approving the measure in the Council of Ministers, Conte has hoped that the funds destined for Venice will serve to take immediate measures to support the city and all its inhabitants at such a complicated time.

The high tide recorded on Tuesday night has been the second highest in the history of Venice, with 187 centimeters, and has caused significant flooding in the city despite the existence of the MOSE protective barrier macro project, designed precisely to prevent flooding .

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