Here’s how you can get your Venom skin for free

The Battle Royale competition will surprise the best fans.

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Here’s how you can get your Venom skin for free
Here’s how you can get your Venom skin for free

Yesterday the first teaser of the skin of Poison to the Fourteen days. This famous multiplayer Battle Royale Epic Games is continuing to expand it to include additional themes ranging from temporary events to long-lasting skins. Some assume relevant franchise companies.

Epic Games announced the Venom Cup, a competition where some will get the character skin in the tournament Fortnite Battle Royale, for free before it gets to business when they are in the first place. The tournament will take place on November 18th, tomorrow.

In addition to the Venom costume, the winners will receive the retro tendril backpack and Sierra Symbiote pickaxe, the same items that will arrive at the store later. Battle Royale.

Players must have an account level of 30 or higher. Confirmation must also be activated in two steps. Epic offers two options to compete on the same day. So take advantage of it. The cup will be won at K.O. The participants receive the Nexus umbrella in pairs.

In the same way as with the previous Marvel skins, it is possible to get the Venom content pack for free and upfront through a competition.

Epic also specified everything to do with the $ 1 million Super Cup Marvel Super Series. The long awaited event will take place on November 21st.

Image: Fortnite / Marvel

The game consists of games Battle Royale with powers that need to be adjusted in the number of materials. Each round contains only 20 materials and a maximum of 200. Please note that only players selected by the study can participate. The channels where you can get all the action in are Twitch and YouTube. The event will take place in Mexico City at 4 p.m. local time.

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