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Here’s how to prepare your brain for success every day

September 21, 2020

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Here’s how to prepare your brain for success every day
Here’s how to prepare your brain for success every day

Be honest: are you working at your absolute peak? Just look up The stone ((Dwayne Johnson). Sure, he’s charismatic and a strong actor, but how does he fly around the world making films in a row without having a moment to rest? It’s because he’s in amazing shape. The Rock makes the most of his acting skills because he’s obsessed with his health.

The same idea applies to you as an entrepreneur. Treat your body wellEat well, challenge your body, sleep well and you will reward yourself with more energy, more focus and a higher level of discipline. You reach new levels of productivity while your competition is lagging behind and you scale faster and faster.

In these three ways, a healthy lifestyle will transform you into a world class entrepreneur and get you to raise more money in your bank account. In particular, you need to understand that sleep, exercise, and diet are the keys to success for entrepreneurs, artists, experts, thought leaders, industrial titans, and anyone else who works at a high level.

Sleep so that you can be the sensible head of your business

“The snooze button is the worst invention for sleeping.” So says sleep expert Michael Breus, and it is very true. His theory is that the extra “sleep” we get by pressing the alarm button is actually “light, fragmented sleep” that leaves us feeling lightheaded and unrepeatable.

This bad dream will ruin the rest of your day. As entrepreneurs, we are on our feet all day, making decisions from left to right. The ball stops and starts with us. Do you think someone can do this when there is fog on their head and it smokes?

Sleep is crucial if you are to run your business effectively. You need to be clear-headed to negotiate big money deals, communicate effectively with your team, and inspire others with the content you produce on social media. You owe it to yourself, your customers, and your team to be rested and alert.

Slumber also does something to you psychologically. As you push this button, you are subconsciously telling yourself that five more minutes of poor quality sleep is more important than fulfilling your life’s purpose.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t trust that there are still many entrepreneurs with difficult businesses who need my help. You shouldn’t do it either. Organize your evening so that you can sleep peacefully without interruptions. Then structure your morning so that you can jump out of bed and tackle everything on your to-do list.

Better sleep is just one of the ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. Then it’s time to hit the gym and prepare your body and mind for the rigors of business.

You will not be able to be a reasonable guide making good decisions if you do not take care of the quantity and quality of your sleep hours every day / Image: in Spanish

Work on increasing your emotional resilience

You think I like going to the gym, grunting through those grueling workouts, and sweating like crazy? No i don’t like it i love it Why? Let me get back to that in a moment …

It is best to have your back against the wall. All entrepreneurs have had tough times – they can be in the red for months or have critical team members disappear when they need them most.

As you exercise, you learn to face adversity face to face. For example, when you go to the gym, you lift weights. As the weight increases, you gain muscle and become stronger. If you want your muscles to grow, they need to be challenged.

Same goes for business. A former employee might steal some of your customers, or your product launch might not have enough sales to cover the costs. As you exercise, you learn to view these setbacks as a blessing because you know that perseverance ultimately leads to personal growth and career success. All of a sudden, instead of reacting to the emotions, you react with reason.

Learn to accept the awkward moments that being an entrepreneur brings, difficult conversations with employees, changes in the market that force you to run your business, etc. because when you do, you step on the other side emerge, smarter and more entrepreneurial. more crucial.

But what about healthy eating? Master this latest health habit and become an unstoppable and unwavering entrepreneur who can print money at virtually any cost.

Eat well to develop a reliable routine

We all agree that eating right has its advantages: You live longer, have more energy, and think more clearly. An entrepreneur who eats well will reap all of these advantages, but also gain something else: he will install a daily routine in his life.

Again, how you do something is how you do everything. Let’s say an entrepreneur eats unhealthily and never works. You’re probably blaming it on a lack of discipline, right? If you took a closer look at his life, he would certainly also lack discipline in how he went about his daily chores or how he invested the profits that his business makes.

Routine opens the door to taking complete control of your life. When you eat well, even when you don’t want to, you begin to see how having a good habit can make great positive changes in your life. Soon you will begin to develop good habits in other areas of your life, such as your business.

Each night, Tim Ferriss follows a five-step routine that puts his phone on “airplane mode” and blocks the noises around him. I love waking up early, having a protein shake, playing with my dog, and then spending the first few hours crushing the work that makes my business more money. When you practice this level of discipline, it will affect the rest of your day – you build momentum and gain the confidence you need to keep your business moving forward.

Bottom Line: Sleep, exercise, and diet are critical if you are serious about building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business. Many entrepreneurs work too hard and never sleep or complain that they are “too busy” to hit the gym. In the end, it always gets to them. Make your health a priority so you can make better decisions, keep a balanced mind at all times, and look for new ways to make money and expand the influence and impact of your empire.

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