Here’s how to make a page to help you find a job

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Here’s how to make a page to help you find a job
Here’s how to make a page to help you find a job

One of the wonders of today’s online world is LinkedIn, the professional network that now hosts 562 million users around the world and has positioned itself as the primary network for all of the millennial entrepreneurs and executives who work for your create Self-marketing or personal brand that makes it irresistible.

For you who are part of the millennial generation who have embarked on the entrepreneurship path or are looking for that job in the company of your dreams, this article provides the necessary keys to be able to do so Create an irresistible LinkedIn profileThis not only helps you to get in touch with colleagues in your profession or profession, but also to win high-quality customers for your company or company.

But before we dive in, let’s talk a little more about LinkedIn and its outrageous reach.

LinkedIn, the gigantic database at your service

Since 2002, LinkedIn has been the professional network that has connected more people to companies, institutions, or other people who have human and professional affinities.

As you’ve seen, we call it a professional LinkedIn network rather than a social network, not because it doesn’t – in the end it also connects “people” – but because we try to value theirs professional essence: It’s not a Facebook to connect with friends and post unimportant things, nor is it an Instagram to recreate the follower student.

According to data from the same platform, it is calculated that three members join the network every other second. And it’s already the most used social platform among businesses in Fortune 500The famous list that includes the world’s 500 most powerful companies year after year.

Who are your users?

With data from the LinkedIn blog, 46 million profiles are students and recent graduates, 87 million millennials and 11 million of them are management positions.

This shows us that the presence of millennial executives on LinkedIn is increasing day by day, which has made the professional network one of the indispensable tools to build the strong professional image you need today.

5 keys to creating an irresistible LinkedIn profile

As of last year, LinkedIn registered more than 9 million company profiles on its platform, where it also registered the professional profiles of 41 percent of the richest entrepreneurs in the world.

If you want to be visible in the online world so that companies and entrepreneurs can see you, review your profile, and access unique career opportunities, you need a great LinkedIn profile for millennial entrepreneurs. updated, complete and irresistible.

How it goes? Keep the following tips in mind.

1. Your profile picture

Image: Martha Elena Violante via LinkedIn
Those in the know say if your profile photo is of the highest quality – that represents you for who you are – you can get 36 times more direct messages (DM) and 21 times more visits to your profile. And if it’s a professional photo where you dress formally, you can get 14 times more visits.

Remember the importance of first impressions when building your personal branding. Hence, the professional profile photo needs to be in perfect harmony with who you are, what you do or what you offer.

Take good care of your clothes, the expression of your face, and the background of the picture. When you find a perfect balance between these three elements, you will see your chances of connecting in three ways. Because with your profile picture, you tell your audience what your unique value proposition is. And only when the audience understands without margin for error can they choose to connect.

2. The cover design

Image: Cynthia De La Garza via LinkedIn
Aside from the photo, the cover is a very important element that you need to be clear, coherent and persuasive enough to grab the attention of those who visit your LinkedIn profile.

Look for the cover picture, which always speaks well of you.

If you have a personal website for your business or write content on your personal blog, include the web address in the cover photo. It is an element that goes a long way towards constructing the professional image.

3. The owner

Image: Daniel Colombo via LinkedIn
The experts at Self-marketing On social networks, they give us some advice: if you list at least 5 main competencies or skills, you can get up to 17 times more views on your profile.

The very headline of your LinkedIn profile is where you need to talk more about your skills and the solution – on a professional level – that you are able to solve people’s problems than anything else.

It is the text that is just below your name and in which you can create a powerful, very professional message in no more than 120 characters, in which you tell users and visitors what your magic is and your main power as a millennial entrepreneur or manager .

Remember that, unlike any other value element of your LinkedIn profile, you need to include your value proposition and answer questions such as:

  • What am I offering?
  • What makes me different from others?
  • Why am I the best choice for my high quality prospect?

Your personal brand is a unique personal value proposition. And in the title of your LinkedIn profile, you need to be clear, accurate and precise.

4. Extract or over

Image: Juan Del Cerro via LinkedIn
The third very important part that you need to consider in order to create a LinkedIn profile of a millennial entrepreneur is what is called an “excerpt” or “about”.

You can expand in great detail in this area as it supports up to two thousand characters.

Connect with your audience by talking about your skills, the challenges you faced, and the areas of interest and areas of interest.

As a suggestion, share a single project that you carried out from start to finish, including how the idea came about, what path it took to maturity, what problems you faced, and how you solved them. At the end of the day, make a sincere assessment of the project telling yourself how you hold your efforts against the results obtained.

5. Your studies and experience

Image: Luana Génot via LinkedIn
To build a strong and attractive personal brand, you need to convince the visitor that both your study and experience support every single word you use.

Do your best to list your academic studies in turn, as well as your experience at work or previous endeavors. Talk about your achievements, your interests, and the skills you’ve developed over the years. And don’t leave without engaging in or endorsing something that defines you, because in the end, it’s the perception that people who visit your LinkedIn profile will have of you.


Part of the success of a LinkedIn profile that attracts looks and connects people is the effort you put into each of the elements that make it up.
Creating a successful personal brand in this professional network is not a complicated or impossible undertaking if you want to position yourself as an authority or authoritative reference in your field of activity right from the start.

An optimized LinkedIn profile and the willingness to make new high-quality contacts are a key element in making your startup or company the stars.

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