Hema, Miniso’s Dutch rival, opens its first physical stores in Mexico

The retail chain offers designer products that are also sustainable and have prices from 19 pesos!

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Hema, Miniso’s Dutch rival, opens its first physical stores in Mexico
Hema, Miniso’s Dutch rival, opens its first physical stores in Mexico

After the Dutch chain arrived in Mexico with its online shop last August Hema Physical facilities are finally opening in our country. This Tuesday, December 8th, the first store went into operation in Terminal 1 of Mexico City Airport. The second will open its doors in the luxurious square next Friday, December 11th Artz Pedregal and at the opening they will be Give away 35 gift cards with different dynamics in their social networks.

The company famous for its Design, sustainable and affordable products, planned to open its first Mexican office in the summer. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced them to postpone it and they could only start shopping online.

The company affiliated in Mexico with Grupo Ensueño and Modatelas (also investors in Mumuso), plans to open 200 stores by 2025It also looks after 30,000 customers per month and has around 3,000 employees this year.

“We see potential because we believe we have a chance in the Mexican market. We see a young market with good offers for children and babies; It’s a good market for growth, we’ll see that in the long term. “said Tjeerd Jegen, Hemas CEO, last February.

Hema is known for long lasting products sustainable raw materials like organic cotton and recycled plastic. Also to be highlighted are the unique designs, which were created by a team of just 45 employees.

The Dutch company is defined as a small department store, with categories like kids, babies, home decor, beauty, bathroom, kitchen and even groceries (they sell the famous Dutch waffles!).

“We’re more of a mini-department store in which we offer a wide range of products and groceries, but not others. If you are expanding rapidly, affecting the quality of your company and in the end making decisions that you do not want to make, this is our knowledge and we trust in the safe path that our partners are taking. “Jegen commented on statements from The financial.

In addition to sustainable design, it competes against Miniso in another important aspect: the low prices. In Mexico, product cost is based on that 19 pesos.

Currently, the products offered by Hema come mainly from the Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Romania, Turkey and China. In the future You plan to immerse yourself in local manufacturing. as soon as the most requested products are identified.

“Once we know which products are most successful in Mexico, we will look for local manufacturers to make with our designs and have them become the global supply chain.”stated the company’s CEO.

Hema began its expansion outside of Europe in 2018 with its first office in Dubai. In October 2019, it came to the US and Canada via e-commerce and Walmart. Mexico will be the twelfth country in which the Dutch chain will be present.

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