“Helysia was born to grow and expand,” said Raúl Lozano, General Manager of Hammam Al Ándalus

Hammam Al Àndalus is a conglomerate of Arab baths «Hammam», A steam bath modality that includes body cleansing and relaxationwhich has been present in five cities in Spain since 1998, with a large community of users in the places where they live.

Raúl Lozano, CEO of Hammam Al Ándalus, grants us an exclusive interview for Cointelegraph Español As a result of the launch of the Helysia token by the Granada group specializing in health and wellbeingthat uses blockchain technology to create a community around health.

Daniel Jiménez (DJ): Hello Raúl, it is my pleasure to see you. Please let us know how you are getting involved in the blockchain world

Raúl Lozano (RL): The advice actually concerns me. One of our consultants firmly believes in the possibilities of this technological avant-garde. You start doing research, seeing other experiences, talking to people who are passionate about this world and it doesn’t take long to get infectedto deepen and explore the wide world proposed for society and entrepreneurship. Rather, my contribution was and is to include this wish of the Council in the company’s strategic path.

(DJ): How did the idea for Helysia come about?

“Helysia was born to grow and expand,” said Raúl Lozano, General Manager of Hammam Al Ándalus
“Helysia was born to grow and expand,” said Raúl Lozano, General Manager of Hammam Al Ándalus

(RL): In the complex scenario in which we live, need and opportunity coincide. The need for new solutions to the enormous social and economic challenges and the possibility of new paradigms for better and expanded prosperity. Blockchain is a crucial step forward in weaving these solutions together and focus on that new wealth.

(DJ): What is the strength of your proposal?

(RL): We know it will be a very long but exciting journey. The strength of Helysia is the strength of its purpose, the commitment to the health of the world in three directions: individual, social and ecological. Helysia Token and Helysia Community simultaneously solve: the ability to simultaneously build and finance the strategic future of the company (from innovation to expansion, from enriching and empowering employees and customers to digitizing experiences).

(DJ): Which sector would you like to cover with the project?

(RL): Tourism related to the discovery of culture and knowledge of well-being. Well-being and health in itself through strong scientific support.

(DJ): Does the project plan to use an existing blockchain or develop its own?

(RL): Helysia is based on Ethereum.

(DJ): With so many tokens in circulation and so many options in the market, why should users choose Helysia?

(RL): We understand that for users interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, it is another option, but in a very young sector, and as I said, in a very favorable scenario, has subscribed to new paradigms. For users who agree with our brand or are generally convinced that new social models must be promoted both in cities and in tourism, with a special focus on health and environmental protection and conservation, We honestly believe that this is the only option in the national context and, as far as we know, in Europe.

(DJ): What use case does the platform’s native token suggest?

(RL): Today the token can be exchanged for all products and services of Hammam Al Andalus in one of its 5 centers (Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Córdoba, Palma de Mallorca) and on its websites. In addition, its possession gives access to significant privileges based on the balance maintained: discounts and tips, unique and personalized services, wellness advice, etc. We assume that other companies involved in high quality cultural tourism and health will join the project in the near future and allow this cryptocurrency as a means of payment for their goods and services.

(DJ): Are they regulated by a body or are they properly registered?

(RL): They are utility tokens, i.e. the CNMV to which the whitepaper was logically referenced. She did not object to its dissemination.

(DJ): How do you see the further development of blockchain in Spain?

(RL): With the blockchain in Spain it will happen, as with other technological projects, we are at the beginning of an exponential function that has smooth and dubious growth, but at some point there will be a critical mass of ideas, projects and applicants, and then it could soaring. I don’t know how long that will take.

(DJ): In which phase is the project currently?

(RL): We have just completed the pre-sale under special conditions and the public offer has opened. The first part of the development ends with the possibility of exchanging Helysia tokens for Hammam al Andalus services, which will take place from October.

(DJ): Will they be limited to a specific niche or geographic area?

(RL): Without limits, although we naturally expect contagion quickly in the cities where we have a physical center.

(DJ): What are the technological bases behind Helysia?

(RL): Ethereum and the Aragón development platform.

(DJ): Do you think blockchain can save tourism in Spain?

(RL): It can make a decisive contribution to their reorientation and equip them with more intelligence and power to seduce the most mature customers for quality tourism in the world.

(DJ): What economic model do you propose to your users to ensure the success of the project?

(RL): 25% of all items collected by Helysia are kept in the public reserve fund and made available as soon as the organization receives these tokens back. Also We want to be very transparent with our investments. The Helysia community will know where the funds raised will go.

(DJ): Is there any first news from the project for the community?

(RL): Of course, Helysia was born to grow and expand with that in mind We start by preparing your STO process, with which we would give the token a double value. In the coming months we will find Helysia on exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

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