Hellblade: Psychosis story ‘mirrored mine’

The game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice has won many awards and fans for its story and the way it depicts psychosis.

It follows Nordic warrior, Senua, on a quest to rescue the soul of her dead lover. She hears voices, and experiences hallucinations throughout, disorientating the player.

Gamers and experts rate its portrayal of the mental illness – but does it go down well with people who have psychosis in real life?

Hellblade: Psychosis story ‘mirrored mine’
Hellblade: Psychosis story ‘mirrored mine’

Danny Bowyer first experienced psychosis in his early 20s and has played the game. He explains how he hears voices continually – including while talking to the BBC Ouch team on this podcast.

Presented by Beth Rose with Kathleen Hawkins and Niamh Hughes.

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