HEINEKEN México and Universidad Tecmilenio are committed to developing Mexican talent

The brewery offers students from all over the country the opportunity to pursue a professional career by covering 100% of their tuition fees at Tecmilenio.

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HEINEKEN México and Universidad Tecmilenio are committed to developing Mexican talent
HEINEKEN México and Universidad Tecmilenio are committed to developing Mexican talent

HEINEKEN México has had long tablecloths for 130 years and 10 years after the start of its scholarship program it reaffirms its commitment to education by awarding 130 scholarships with the aim of supporting Tecmilenio, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Country.

Through its national call, the HEINEKEN Mexico Scholarship Program seeks, year after year, young students with talent and initiative who are already helping to improve their community through various measures.

Ten years after the program was founded, HEINEKEN Mexico has awarded more than 400 scholarships to young Mexicans at recognized universities such as Universidad Tecmilenio, Tec de Monterrey and Yale University.

This time the call comes from Tecmilenio, who receives the 130 young people participating in the HEINEKEN Mexico scholarship program in order to prepare them for their professional career. Students from all over the country receive one of the scholarships that guarantee them the start and finish of their professional studies.

“We are excited to be part of a program launched in 2011 as one of our priority social responsibility and sustainability initiatives,” said Marco Mascarúa, Vice President Corporate and Legal Affairs at HEINEKEN México. “Creating a social impact on Mexican youth with opportunities to enhance their educational, personal and social development is a source of pride in continuing to work on it.”

Juan Arenas Ruiz, Vice Rector for Digital Channels and Economics at Universidad Tecmilenio, said: “More than two years ago, HEINEKEN México became a strategic partner to ensure that young people with very special talents have access to great education. Quality that, alienated from their purpose in life, enables them to graduate and to exert influence through positive leadership in every productive area in which they choose.

In this context, Héctor Escamilla, Vice President Development at Tecnológico de Monterrey added: “It is a source of pride to work with companies like HEINEKEN México in the positive transformation of young Mexicans, as well as in education and research programs.”

Education is one of the main triggers for developing youth talent and creating a more supportive society. For this reason, HEINEKEN Mexico is trying to reach more students through institutions committed to promoting Mexican talent and inviting more young people to participate in the next year’s HEINEKEN Mexico 2021 scholarship program.

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