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Hedera extends range after addition to BRD Wallet

June 26, 2020

BRD recently updated its wallet compatibility and allows you to store the HBAR coin from Hedera Hashgraph.

“In addition to being integrated into the BRD consumer wallet, Hedera’s network data will be compatible with the blockchain data integration platform Blockset for businesses recently launched by BRD that supports the BRD consumer wallet.” said a June 25 statement to Cointelegraph.

Blockset supports business efforts

Hedera is aimed at the corporate sector and, according to its website, presents itself as a test public book ecosystem (PoS). The technology uses the so-called hash graph network consensus. The inclusion of the project in Blockset is based on Hedera’s business propensity.

Hedera extends range after addition to BRD WalletHedera extends range after addition to BRD Wallet

Essentially, companies looking for a corporate blockchain can use blockset tools to build their solutions, simplify the process, and then start over, the statement said. The integration of Hedera / Blockset implies the visibility of data and the publication of transactions in the network.

A collaboration that promotes the transition to distributed corporate accounting

“Hedera hash graph technology was developed to support high-performance use by consumers and businesses.”said Hedera CEO and co-founder, Mance Harmonin the statement. “By adding HBAR to the FRG wallet, we are making our technology available to millions of users worldwide.”Harmon pointed out.

The CEO added:

“With Blockset, the BRD team is also making significant progress as the main driver of business acceptance. We are very pleased to be able to use Blockset’s elite toolkit to distinguish themselves in the business environment.”

The cooperation also has a positive effect on the FRG and offers the company additional connections at company level.said the FRG CEO, Adam Traidmanin the statement.

Like a number of organizations that see an increase in their lines during the events of COVID-19, More than half a million new American customers have come to the FRG platform since the pandemic in March, the statement said.

Cointelegraph contacted Hedera and FRG PR for further details, but received no response at the time of publication. This article will be updated as soon as a response is received.