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Healthy fast food and very small houses? Meet 10 Great Modern Business Ideas

September 18, 2020

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Your deal shouldn’t completely depend on your iPad or smartphone to turn into one modern company. Connecting with new generations is easy when you know what trends they are following. Here are 10 business ideas that are catching the attention of modern customers and are already making money for entrepreneurs around the world.

1. Very small houses

Healthy fast food and very small houses? Meet 10 Great Modern Business Ideas
Healthy fast food and very small houses? Meet 10 Great Modern Business Ideas

Photo: Michael Melford | Getty Images

A mansion of thousands of square meters is not always a dream home. Many students and graduates are looking for small houses. Why? They enable them to travel the world without paying expensive hotel rates. These “casitas” with all services cost less than a normal size property. For example company houses Tumbleweed They sell for $ 10,000. They are more beautiful and practical than mobile homes and can be completely customized to suit the customer’s taste. There are even some that have small porches and hallways.

These “little houses” aren’t just “hipster” fashions that appear on American television shows. They are an idea that is ensuring increasing traction worldwide. Few companies already offer it, but they have a great business opportunity. They may take a little longer to arrive as Latin Americans clear trendBut it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes open.

2. Healthy fast food


Make no mistake about that Fast food it’s still more popular than ever. However, people today are looking for healthy alternatives to the junk options on the market. Restaurants that offer quinoa salads, vegan burritos, and other options on the way are gaining popularity.

One niche that is growing particularly well is healthy food trucks. For example, Green pirate and nectar offer juices and smoothies in different places Native bowl and Hello Arepa They offer creative salads with international recipes and local ingredients.

If mobile businesses aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you can always have a fixed location with this trend like they do Green tomato and Zoe’s kitchen.

3. Delivery services of all kinds


People are working harder than ever. Between jobs, our own company, school and family, we have little time to run errands. This is a problem for many, but an excellent opportunity for the modern entrepreneur.

It seems that people can pay for anything on this occasion. Business like Uber eats They’re already bringing groceries home and to the office while models like it Rappi You are responsible for collecting orders or fulfilling all types of orders. There are even services like Amazon Prime Now who are responsible for delivery from the supermarket to electronic devices in less than two hours.

The concept has already been proven, you just have to consider another delivery offer.

4. Virtual reality


The virtual reality (VR) is an impressive facet of modern technology. With safety glasses and an electronic platform, you can immerse yourself in a multitude of fascinating worlds.

If you’re not a tech-savvy person, fear not, you don’t have to be a programmer to start a VR business. In fact, a lot of VR ideas aren’t really the same technology. You can start with a webpage that talks about the advancement of this technology in electronic devices, video games, programming, etc. You can sell the special cardboard lenses needed for VR (ex Google Cardboard, but nicer). And when you have the opportunity, program your own games and platforms. You can even sell your services to Car companies and from Real estate create virtual experiences.

5. Ethical business consultants


ship and socially responsible business You are extremely important to our generation. It’s not just about protecting employees from discrimination. Today’s successful business people care about things like fair trade, community responsibility, and the environment.

Whether they are startups or entrepreneurs with decades of experience, there are hundreds of thousands of potential clients for a consulting firm who can help them run an ethical business. Perhaps they are hiring and need help to have a diverse workforce, or they are working to make their products biodegradable. The point is, there are many areas that you can work and specialize in.

6. Renting websites


We’re closing 2016, which means everyone calls themselves an expert on websites. But do you know what few people do? Rent space for websites.

You read that right: building pages from scratch for specific businesses is the old way of capitalizing on digital customers. Instead, developers generate multiple websites at once for a specific business niche and hire customizable versions from local companies. The customer pays monthly for the portal and its maintenance. It’s a great way to make a stable income and gain web development experience for yourself.

7. Super high quality animal feed


Pet owners are not afraid to spend on their furry friends and are becoming more careful about what to feed them. Everyone knows that poor nutrition can make cats and dogs sick or even kill them. Many customers therefore opt for high quality or even raw food. If you have pets of your own, chances are you’re worried about making them feel good.

This is a perfect opportunity for the modern entrepreneur. As long as there are customers who give everything for their “dogs”, you have a market to create high-quality brands. You can start by developing food for pets with certain allergies, or you can even combine this idea with weekly home deliveries.

8. Edtech


Do you have children, nephews or little brothers? If so, then you probably know that modern education is increasingly incorporating the computer into the classroom. It’s not uncommon to hear the little ones need an iPad or smartphone to do their homework. With increasing access to technology, edtech or educational technologies emerge. This can include tutorial websites, educational games, online discussion boards, digital homework software, illustrative videos, online courses, and much more. Examples of success in Latin America are Platzi and Udemywhile Kidpreneurs Academy was featured with interactive videos about entrepreneurship for children.

It may appear that edtech no longer has its own ideas, but realistically, many of the offers on the market have breakdowns or are impractical. Few platforms for teaching provide everything you need, and those that are complete enough are extremely expensive. As an entrepreneur, you can create or sell a high quality and accessible solution.

9. Activity bars


Why go to a “normal” bar when you can go to one where they can cut your hair while you are drinking a campaign? Traditional bars are no longer enough for the new generations. Millennials want places that offer different experiences.

Activity bars are popping up everywhere, some specializing in bowling or mini-arcades.

10. Subscription boxes

You see them all the time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They are themed boxes that you can get every month and that contain special products such as genre movies, makeup, international candy and even craft beer. There are subscription boxes for almost every hobby and personality. It’s a trend that has grown exponentially in the United States. Just look at the success of Loot box, but it only penetrates Latin America and you can take advantage of it.

Do you doubt its possible success? The channel UnboxingRocks He has a large audience on YouTube thanks to his videos that open subscription boxes from all over the world.

With these 10 modern business ideas, it is possible to create the modern company you have dreamed of. Alternatively, how would you use these options to serve your local market?

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