Healthchain launches a blockchain-based network to unify patient records in Latin America

Healthchain has developed a network that uses the IBM Blockchain, which is based on the IBM Cloud, to improve patient care and attention. The idea is to standardize the medical records. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish by IBM in a press release.

“One of the biggest challenges that health systems face today is the fragmentation of patient information between the different units and organizations that are part of the health ecosystem. such as health centers, hospitals, laboratories, insurance companies etc. Taking into account the large amount of information generated by the new corona virus (COVID-19) and the continuous improvement of patient care and attention, Healthchain has developed a network that uses IBM Blockchain based on IBM Cloud ”they stated in the statement.

Healthchain uses blockchain to interoperate health data with a certain level of security, to promote precision medicine and to try to automate administrative processes, which can lead to better patient care.

Healthchain launches a blockchain-based network to unify patient records in Latin America
Healthchain launches a blockchain-based network to unify patient records in Latin America

Javier Leyton, CEO of Healthchain, said:

“Nowadays, it is very complex for doctors to know the entire medical history of their patient, which can lead to delays in care or have a wrong view of the risk that the patient is taking. Our network connects healthcare providers, insurance companies and insurance providers with the patient’s medical data, thus enabling the exchange of clinical or administrative data. For example, this can facilitate the tele-consultation of COVID-19 patients, improve information and protect the sensitive data of individuals. “

According to the statement With Healthchain, healthcare providers can share networks without compromising privacy, security, or data integrity. This can serve to adjust public health policies, allocate resources appropriately, and increase patient knowledge through a consensus model.

Martín Hagelstrom, blockchain manager for IBM Latin America, also addressed this topic:

“One of our main goals is to use technology to support industry in the transformation process, thereby providing better and better services to citizens. The healthchain solution not only offers a different value for the entire health ecosystem, but also a different value for patients who have to go to different centers to treat their diseases and complaints. IBM Blockchain and IBM Cloud are two important prerequisites to achieve this. “

They also reported that The network would allow patients to create a unique identity across the healthcare system. Keep confidential information anonymous so that patients can access their medical records and control who they are shared with.

Healthchain is currently implementing the solution together with Pegasi Inc. and Rayen Salud, provider of HIS (Healthcare Information Systems) with a presence in Latin America. The project envisages having 15 organizations in the first year of operation.

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