He is the entrepreneur in which all sharks wanted to invest in Shark Tank Mexico.

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He is the entrepreneur in which all sharks wanted to invest in Shark Tank Mexico.
He is the entrepreneur in which all sharks wanted to invest in Shark Tank Mexico.

In many cases, formalizing an activity we’re already doing can be a great business opportunity. We just have to look at the example of Juan Carlos Alonso, the founder of Acadeli, a company that markets chilates, a pre-Hispanic drink, in tetrapak and powder.

Juan Carlos, a native of Ayutla de los Libres, an indigenous community on the Costa Chica in the state of Guerrero, transformed the activities he and his parents did to support their business lives into a promising business in which all sharks from Shark tank Mexico were interested.

“My parents and I have been selling this product informally for years to support our lives and needs. When I came to university to study business, the idea came up to give it value, and that was the focus.” says Juan Carlos in an interview with s in Spanish.

In 2017, the young graduate of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration of the Autonomous University of Guerrero started the concept of selling chilat in tetrapak and powder with the aim of preserving a thousand-year-old practice and promoting the taste of Guerrero and Mexican families Drink.

Photo: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

“We are aware that we are preserving our old practices and promoting the economic activity of the production chain towards our economic operators. We have set ourselves the task of creating added value that meets the requirements of the market to satisfy the palate of the guerrero and Mexican families can reach this emblematic drink of the Guerrero state, ”comments the entrepreneur.

He also said that implementing the liquid as a social plan has created productive chains for the benefit of marginalized communities in the Mixtec, Tlapaneca and Amuzga indigenous areas.

Chilate is a drink from the Costa Chica in Guerrero, Mexico that is made from cocoa, rice and cinnamon, although its name comes from Nahuatl chiliatl, Where chili It is chilli and atl, Water and means “chilli drink”, this liquid contains no chilli.

Photo: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

The stone on the street

According to Juan Carlos, the most difficult part of his project was to open sales channels for the general user. After exertion and willingness to make sacrifices, however, they managed to position themselves in large chains within the state of Guerrero.

“The hardest thing for management to enter the retail channels was mainly due to sacrifice and effort. We have already positioned ourselves in the retail and self-service chains like OXXO and Soriana under the distinctive ‘Pride Warrior’.” a quality mark that the state government gives for products that meet the required regulations, ”explains the young man.

Acadeli is currently venturing into other channels such as Walmart and Chedraui and is also planning to expand the OXXO chain. In 2019, this company had earnings of one million pesos.

The perfect bite

Photo: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

Two years ago, Juan Carlos decided to register to participate Shark Tank México, which airs on Canal Sony every Friday at 10:00 p.m., and he was only contacted last year to participate in the program.

“I signed up two years ago and luckily one day I got a message on WhatsApp and we started sharing this great experience there,” he says.

The young man from Guerrero invested 200,000 pesos against 20% in his company. Arturo Elías Ayub showed his interest and immediately offered him exactly what the entrepreneur was looking for. However, it was not the only shark interested.

Carlos Bremer, Patricia Armendáriz, Rodrigo Herra and Ana Victoria García also showed interest in participating in the company and offered Juan Carlos their suggestions and how they could help him grow.

Photo: Courtesy of Shark Tank México.

Finally, the young entrepreneur concluded the contract with Bremer, Arturo and Rodrigo for 300,000 pesos and gave up 30% of his company.

With his product and an almost perfect playing field, Juan Carlos conquered the sharks and the next thing for his company is growth and expansion.

“We want to promote our vision and, as already mentioned, position ourselves on the palate of the Guerrero and Mexican families, but above all make this emblematic drink known and present it to the state of Guerrero with what has not been officially marketed. It is great.” Opportunity. We want to preserve our thousand-year tradition and make the gastronomic identity of the Guerrero state known, ”he concludes.

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